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Homemade Pretzels

I found this homemade pretzel recipe at Heavenly Homemakers and I have been wanting to make ’em for awhile now!  The perfect time came, no school because of a snowstorm!

Let me tell you, this recipe did NOT disappoint.  It is sooooooooo good.

Making the dough was easy, the girls loved kneading the dough, but the actual shaping into pretzels was a bit too labor intensive for me.  Maybe I got used to the ease of playdoh when we practiced while the dough was rising.  Or maybe I’m just lazy.   When I realized how skinny we had to make the dough ropes (our first batch were so funny and ugly and fat!) I thought it was too much work. (or maybe I wanted it to go faster knowing we needed to finish up so we could go get our picture taken with Santa!) Next time, I am going to make the dough, roll into ropes, and cut into 4 inch pretzel rods/sticks.  This will be easier because we won’t have to work so hard at getting the ropes thin.  Thick ropes make bloated pretzels, fyi!

These are AMAZING still warm from the oven, and even good the next day heated in the microwave.
I am going to keep dough in the shape of pretzel rods in my freezer, so whenever we get the craving we can just pop them in the oven.

Heavenly Homemakers did a wonderful, step by step tutorial, so I didn’t, but I took some pictures of the process.
Everyone took a turn kneading the dough. That was fun!

Time to rise!
Pretty dough, isn’t it?

Practicing our pretzel shapes with playdoh while the dough was rising

They were quite pleased with themselves.

I was so ready for a pretzel I almost ate these

Ahahhahaha!  Our first ugly, way- too- fat, but still tastes great batch of pretzels.

That is better.