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Peanut Butter Clouds – A No Recipe, Recipe

You are going to thank me over and over for this one.  No, seriously.  This little snack might just rock your world.  It rocks ours.
This Peanut Butter Cloud no recipe recipe is one of those special family recipes that has been handed down. My Grandma Thelma made it for my mom and her siblings, my mom made it for me and my siblings, and now I make it for my own kids.  The picture above was taken by my lovely sister from Beauty Divine Design.  She put it  on Facebook and the comments from aunts and cousins were fun to read, as they too were treated to peanut butter clouds by their moms.  Truly a family gem of a recipe!
Here is what you do:
~Toast a piece of bread
~Smear it with peanut butter
~Put marshmallows on top
~Place under broiler for just a minute.
~Watch as the marshmallows puff up and brown slightly (this part fascinated me as a kid!)
I’m telling you, you are now going to always remember me, for if you eat this once, you will have to make it again and again.  I think I just made myself famous…