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Mason Jars: Easy Iced Tea

I used to buy a 2-liter of pop every week.  I decided to try and cut pop out at least when I am at home.  I still enjoy a coke occasionally, especially when we are out for pizza or at a movie with popcorn.
What helped me in this transition was making iced tea instead.  I found a super easy way to make it that does not include boiling water or sitting it in the sun all day, and uses a mason jar which we all know I love!

Basically, you take a jar, put in 4 tea bags, fill it to the top, screw on the lid and put it in the refrigerator overnight.  In the morning, take the bags out and give them a little squeeze over the jar.  What this does is makes an iced tea concentrate!  Love it!  Now when I want a glass of tea, I pour about 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water into a glass of ice and stir. I adjust the amount of concentrate depending on how weak or strong that particular brand of tea is.  Here is the blog that I got the idea from, there are a bunch of comments regarding specific measurements if you are someone who likes more details.
*the picture above was taken before the jar sat overnight.  The concentrate gets much more, well, concentrated:)

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Mason Jar-My Love Affair With Mason Jars

I recently discovered the wonderful world of mason jars. Why do I love them? Funny you asked. They come in many sizes. They are inexpensive. They are NOT plastic. They are simplistic in design. They do not keep me guessing on what and how much is inside them.

They have a gazillion different uses! In my opinion, they are the perfect example of something from yesterday that can simplify today.

In fact, I don’t think just one post will do for this new love affair of mine. I just might have to keep sharing with you the insane amount of things one can do with a mason jar.

I know, I can feel you just oozing with excitement. You just wait, you may have an affair of your own!