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Perfect Iced Coffee


Now that the weather is warming up, I have been splurging and buying iced coffee from my local coffee shop. This last time I went, I paid attention to how they made it, and as I watched him removed a bottle of cold coffee concentrate from the refrigerator and add some milk and ice to it, I was reminded of a post I had read at Small Notebook on making iced coffee the cold brewed way.  I paid almost $4.00 for my iced coffee, and walked out of there determined to figure out how to make some at home.

The Cold Brew Method

The cold brew method is so easy, and you end up with a delicious drink that is less acidic, which is much more gentle on the stomach and goes down very smooth.  No bitterness, which means less sweetener is needed.

You won’t believe how easy this is to make, and it is so much cheaper that buying a cup at the coffee shop! The recipe below costs 50 cents per cup, and that is using good, organic coffee!

How To Make Iced Coffee Using The Cold Brew Method:

The cold brew method is simply soaking 1/4 cup of coffee grounds overnight in 1 cup of cold water. Let sit out on the counter overnight.  The next morning,  add another cup of cold water.  Then strain the grounds and pour over ice. This makes 2 cups of coffee.  I add a generous splash of vanilla almond milk and some sugar or stevia to taste.  
If you like more milk, add less water.  

I use a french press, but you could also just use a mason jar and a sieve or strain through a coffee filter twice.  The french press makes for a simple, easy process.  I love it!

~You can keep any leftovers in the refrigerator for several days. 
~I have read that adding sweetened condensed milk makes for a very special, rich and creamy dessert coffee.  
~Freeze any leftovers in ice cube trays to use in your next iced coffee or to throw in the blender for a blended treat.
~Pour into Popsicle molds for a frosty treat on a hot day.
~Make your own flavored simple syrups, using these recipes.