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For those of you who have been gardening forever, or those who are just not interested, please bear with me as I FREAK OUT ABOUT GARDEN SUCCESS!
I’m a newbie gardener and have so enjoyed the process, and EATING the outcome.
See that big tomato?   We ate it tonight on BLT sandwiches.  Mid-sandwich, my husband looked at me and said “wow, that is one goooooood tomato!” It is ridiculous how happy a compliment on my tomato made me, he’d be a smart man to keep complimenting my tomatoes!:)
See that monster cucumber I am cradling in my right arm?  It’s huge and yellow.  Not sure it is edible, we were out of town for a few days and came back to that beast hanging on the vine.  Anyone know if it will taste good?
I’ve had a hard time catching my squash while they are still young and tender.  It seems like one day they are babies and the next day they are too big!  I’m planning on using my food processor to chop up  the big ones, then freezing them in 2 cup portions to make a zucchini type bread.  I love to grill the tender, young ones-I just got to get on top of harvesting regularly!
So what do I do with all these cucumbers besides making pickles, and raita?  Does anyone have any good summer squash recipes?
To view my square foot garden, click here.
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