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New Nostalgia Facebook Page

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Did you know New Nostalgia is on Facebook?  We would love for you to ‘like’ us and come join in the discussion and community happening over there! 
Why join New Nostalgia on Facebook?

~I can quickly ask you, my readers, questions and your opinion on things…love that!
~It is an easy way for me to share things I love but that wouldn’t take up a whole blog post.
~It is a great and easy way to share New Nostalgia with your friends.
~Giveaways and their winners are announced and celebrated there.
~It is one more way to make sure you never miss a New Nostalgia post.
~I get to see your beautiful faces in your profile pics!  I love putting faces and names together.
Click here to join.

New nostalgia on facebook

New Nostalgia Facebook page

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