DIY Simple Decorative Vases

*The following is a guest post from Laurie at Beauty Divine Design*
My office doubles as a nursery for my baby girl, so something I try to do is add in a few modern, creative touches and make sure it’s a place where I can still be inspired to design.
I’m going to share a really easy example of a DIY Simple Decorative Vase project that can be used in so many ways. I love that this project can take an everyday household item and turn it into a work of art without spending a lot of money.

All you need are glass vases from the dollar store (or recycled bottles, jars, etc.), candles or flowers to put inside and a few rolls of washi tape. I get mine from PrettyTape and use it on a LOT of projects. All you have to do is literally put the tape on the vases! It really is that easy.
I started with a vertical stripe. This result was my favorite and the easiest to pull off in a small amount of time. All you have to do is snip off the ends and fold them over the top of the vase.
The next design I tried was a spiral pattern which was a little more difficult only because it was hard to get a perfect angle each time. But luckily, the washi tape peeled off so easily when I needed to redo a strip!
I also tried doing horizontal bands around the vase. These turned out nicely but were actually really hard to keep straight all the way around.
And here’s the final result! So simple and fun.
I love to these for when I have fresh flowers in the house but when I don’t, these work perfectly as artsy candle holders too. Place a few on a mirror for a really inexpensive centerpiece for a wedding. Or you could line a few on your mantel over the fireplace to change it up. The possibilities are endless!
Thank you, Laurie, for this awesome tutorial!  I just love how simple it is and how many ways these vases can be used.  I’m off to order some washi tape right now!  
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