Counting One Thousand Gifts #2

holy experience

22~A peaceful home
23~My mac
24~Loving on little girls lost
25~A humble husband
26~Vitamins that make my nails grow:)
27~Daughter reading Scripture as background music while I type
28~A heart that hurts for the broken
30~A youngest that still calls dad, “daddy”
31~Open calender days
32~Gifts of the Spirit
33~Seeing my oldest have a heart of mercy and compassion
34~Our time-out stair step and the lessons learned there
35~Eating my first pepper picked, on pizza
36~Impromptu talk about the devastation of drugs, sitting on the porch swing with my oldest
37~Dinner at the table
38~Our summer Blockbuster Movie pass
39~Recommended books whose words change my life
40~A text from mom
41~Hair that grows & roots that need colored by me, gives opportunity to see my sister

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