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Good Friday-Remembering

These are two of my most favorite songs.  I couldn’t decide which one to share, so I shared them both.  I encourage you to watch the both of them, and remember with me why this Good Friday is such a very, very special day.

{both videos are very graphic, viewer discretion advised}

Easter/ Holidays/Parties/ Love/ Spiritual

Easter Lessons


With Easter coming, my girls and I have been having quite a few discussions about sin and our need for a Saviour.  I was wanting a tangible way to show them different types of sin, how often we sin, and how great our need is for a Saviour.

I took a bulletin board square, drew a cross on it, and then we looked up some Bible verses and brain-stormed different types of sin, which I then wrote onto the cross.


~We discussed why and how Jesus died, and the amazingness– He took our sins upon Himself and paid the penalty that we deserved, by dying for us.

 ~We talked about repentance, how we must acknowledge our sin, ask Jesus to forgive our sin, and turn away from our sin. He takes the burden of them onto Himself, and they are no more.

~We talked about how He makes us whole and beautiful, and how we can come to Him anytime, He will always be ready and willing to forgive us, making us new again.

~We talked about the beauty of Easter, how He conquered death and is Risen, indeed!!

With pins (reminding us to think of the nails that pierced His skin) and beautiful, shimmery circles (the circle shape represents how He makes us whole),  we have been coming before the cross this week and acknowledging this amazing thing our Saviour did for us.

It has been beautiful, seeing my girls ask for forgiveness more often, and going to the cross before their Jesus, on their own.  I see them walk away, with freedom in their eyes and a lightness in their step.

My youngest- “Oh, mom, the cross is becoming so beautiful!!”  I smile and think, “so are you, my child, so are you.”