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Captured Life Tidbits – Our Life In Instagram Photos

captured life tidbits
So thankful for these moments– these tidbits–that make up life.
Capturing the moments visually is a gift.
It keeps me present, it keeps me thankful, & reminds me to live NEW!
new laptop case
~New laptop case.  A gift from my sister-in-law.  Made by Tiny Hands International.
Amy Bowman daughter
Selfie photos I find on my phone.  Silly daughter!
date night at Henry's on South
 ~Date night at Henry’s On South
stuffed animal bears
More photos I find on my phone.  Lil One takes photos of her stuffed animals.
baby photos
 ~and more…Lil’ One takes photos of her baby photos.
Anti Cancer
~Good books that tell me I can have one glass of red wine occasionally!
Resveratrol (in red grapes) is very good for you! (Anti-Cancer : David Servan-Schreiber MD PhD)
Frozen Banana Bites with chocolate and peanut butter
 ~my 9 yr. old’s creation.  She asks dad to take her to get a Hershey bar. She proudly shows me her creation 30 minutes later.  She’s awesome!
 ~Peek-a-blue.  A hospital visit for my daughters knee.  MRI shows no tear.  Yippee!
Now time for physical therapy, for an old injury.  {This could be a rap}
blogging in bed
 ~the gift of a job I can do while in bed!  I love blogging in bed.
elevator pictures
 ~Elevator pictures.  Fun in the ceiling mirror.
MRI day
 ~MRI day for Colsie.  Trying to catch her in a photo while waiting.
birthday sushi
~Birthday sushi for my sisters birthday
Nebraska sunset
~a beautiful Nebraska sunset
~capturing the sunset on my drive home.  God sure put on a show!  Love.
 ~a reader/friend/blogger who knows me well and sent this Cuppow in the mail.  I was so excited!
Memories of a loved one with balloon messages
~my friend who passed away.  Remembering her on her 32nd birthday with her daughter & friend.
Precious, precious tidbits of life.
love messages
~the beauty of love messages rising up.

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