A Super Easy & Delicious Lunch-Vegetable Masala Rice Medley with Corn-A No Recipe, Recipe


When I get tired of big salads for lunch, I search my freezer and can always find some fun convenience foods from Trader Joes.

Even if you don’t live near a Trader Joes, this idea can still work using different convenience foods.


These Vegetable Masala burgers from Trader Joes make me very, very happy.  They are Vegan and Soy Free.

They have a great Indian flavor and a bit of a spicy bite, but not too strong.  They do not scream masala.

They are full of chunks of potatoes, corn, carrot and peas.  They remind me of a potato pancake with added spices and vegetables.

I often eat them between pieces of naan bread as a sandwich.

I also love browning them on both sides then crumbling them up to top salads or rice. They come fully cooked, so just heat and serve.

I like for them to have a crunch to them which is why I brown them first.  It takes just minutes.

On this particular day, I had Trader Joes Rice Medley on hand in the freezer.

This is another super great convenience food that I love having around.  This medley is nice and chewy, full of fiber and grains that are so good for you.

My kids love this one because of the chewiness.  Just heat and serve!

If you prefer plain rice, Trader Joes have organic brown rice in packets in the freezer section.  Or, you could just make your own and freeze it!


I had some leftover corn in my refrigerator from dinner the night before that I added.  I like the texture and color that it gives.

This may seem like it needs flavor or a sauce, but really it doesn’t.  The Vegetable Masala burgers have enough flavor to make this a very hearty and satisfying lunch.

My kids ate the leftovers as an afternoon snack, they loved it.  They commented on the slight spice, but still gobbled it up!

This Garlic Naan is also from Trader Joes.  I do not eat it often since it is not dairy free, but boy is it GOOD!  They also have plain and whole wheat.

Vegetable Masala Rice Medley with Corn & Naan no recipe, recipe!



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