A New Facebook App That I Love

Custom Boutiques Facebook App

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own boutique?  How about a new Facebook app makes it FREE, easy & possible?

I’m excited to introduce you to our very special sponsor, CustomBoutiques. Custom Boutiques is a new, easy- to- use Facebook App,  I’ve set up my own boutique which took just minutes!

New nostalgia custom boutique

CustomBoutiques has created a way to own an e-commerce on Facebook and offer designer products without actually carrying inventory (which really appeals to the minimalist in me!) and sell via Facebook and Paypal for Free.


What it is:

You create a store with the Facebook App, CustomBoutiques.  Fill you store with designers like Trina Turk Residential Pillows, DayNa Decker Candles, Bed Head Pajamas and Lotus Jewelry Studio necklaces.  Advertise your items in your store to your friends.  Let your friends know about your store and products.  Once someone purchases an item from your store, you receive an 18 percent commission.  All monetary transactions are processed through Paypal so you know it’s safe!  The best part: it’s completely free!  You can even purchase items from hour own store and receive your commission- it’s your store owner discount.

CustomBoutiques is constantly partnering with new vendors to bring you fresh and seasonal inventory.

Custom boutiques inventory

Getting started is fun and easy!

2. Name your store and fill in your Paypal information
3. Browse the catalog and fill your store with your favorite 30 items
4. Post products to your Facebook wall and let your friends know you’ve opened a boutique. When a purchase is made we handle the transaction, shipping, and the customer service. 
The CustomBoutique’s team is there to help – contact them with any questions or concerns: support@customboutiques.com

Facebook sharing post………………..

Other things I love about CustomBoutiques:

~ Sell items of your own. Looking to get rid of some clutter or maybe you craft your own products. Use MyCB by CustomBoutiques to sell those items via Facebook. In your CustomBoutiques store you’ll have the option to “Sell My Things”. Simply upload photos, write descriptions, set pr

ices and post! This service is completely free. You keep 100% of your retail price.  You’re responsible for shipping and maintaining inventory.

~ Let your store reflect your style. Choose from pre-set images for your store header or upload any image you’d like.
~ CustomBoutiques helps you market your store. Take advantage of all three options through the “Market your store” tab in your CustomBoutiques


So what do you think?  I think this is an amazing idea.  It seems like everyone I know is on Facebook, so buyers would be in abundance.  Creating a boutique is super easy and sharing it is as easy as pressing a button!  I already work with Paypal and it is the safest, easiest and most reliable way to deal with money online.  In today’s economy, there are so many that could use an easy way to make extra cash, and CustomBoutiques is a great way to do just that!
If you set up your own CustomBoutique, make sure you leave the link in our comments so we can come visit your boutique!



If you create your own CustomBoutique within the next week, and share it in the comments, I will share your link on a our Facebook page with over 3,500 of our readers.  Hurry!  This offer is for one week only.  I will create a special post with all links that stays static at the top of our feed all week!

*this is a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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