What’s Up With Me

What I’m doing?
~enjoying a chill Sunday afternoon
~planning my posts for the week
~about to go shopping with some teenagers.  The kids at the non profit that my husband works for earn behavior bucks and get to ‘shop’ at a store that I am in charge of setting up.  The store needs restocked, so we will shop until we drop today.  Shopping at a store to set up and stock a store.  Get it…got it?  Good.

What I did today?
Went to church.
Went to Walmart
Made quiche for lunch
Made Peppermint Chocolate Loaf for an event with my husbands work. 
Burned Peppermint Chocolate Loaf that I made for husbands work.
One load of laundry.
A sink full of dishes.

What I’m listening to?
Chris Tomlin on Spotify

What I’m tasting?

What I’m smelling?
Burned Peppermint Chocolate Loaf.  Blech.

What I’m thinking?
that there is no one like my God.  I was reminded again this morning in church just how big His love and grace is.  There is NOTHING, nothing, one can do that His love would not cover.  

What makes me laugh?
 How often I have had to tell myself this week, “Life is NOT an emergency.  Take a deep breath.  One thing at a time.”  I’m learning.  {SMH with a chuckle}

What I’m planning?
5 hooks in my bathroom to hold 5 towels.  One for each family member.  If their towel is not on the hook, they will have to drip dry.  This Mama’s not joking.  I have HAD IT with washing a billion towels each week!  Can I get an amen?

What I hope for?
A week of thankfulness.  A thankful perspective.
What I’m excited about?
Personal growth.  Growth as a family.

What I dread?
Painting my kitchen.

What has surprised me?
how fast this week went.  How much better I feel this Sunday compared to last Sunday.  Last Sunday my ears were so plugged (Influenza left me with an ear infection) that I had to keep asking Todd if I was singing too loud in church.  He just smiled at me mischievously and would not tell me.  Isn’t that lovely?

What I’m thankful for?
a warm home full of people I love, & recorded television

What melted me?
my husband choosing to talk gently & calmly to me when I knew he was frustrated and really could have given me an earful.  Grace.

What I’m wearing?
A stripy white and grey shirt that matches my new shower curtain.  I like grey.  I like stripes.  

What I wish was different?
The darn burned Peppermint Chocolate Loaf.

What I’m hungry for?
I’ll give you one guess…yep…Peppermint Chocolate Loaf.  

What I ate today?
~This amazing oatmeal concoction–we call it Banana Oatmeal Chia Pudding.  
~Quiche & Tater Tots
~a bite of my daughters Snickerdoodle cookie she bought at the mall

What I want?
a mended friendship with a dear one that feels broken

How I’m feeling?
At peace & healthy

P.S.  For those of you who want the recipe for Peppermint Chocolate Loaf, there is not one.
It was a box mix from Trader Joes.

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