What’s Up With Me?


What I’m doing?

~catching up on my Google reader,

 ~writing a few posts for the week, 

~working on a second blog that will be focused on- “Finding Calm In The Crisis Of Cancer”


What I did today?

Took my dog-lovin’ daughter to a dog expo, then spent 4 hours at the mall looking for the perfect jeggings for her. I’m pooped!


What I’m listening to?

City Impact Boys Video Game Club  Jr. high boys, 

hanging out in my basement and making my daughters belly laugh.


What I’m tasting?

Scooters Carmelicious Latte


What I’m smelling?

Dog.  No, we don’t have one, but I can’t get the smell out of my nose from the expo!

It was not that bad, I just have an ultra-sensitive nose.


What I’m thinking?

that writing this post makes me feel a little self-absorbed


What makes me laugh?

 City Impact Video Game Club boys doing “Just Dance” in my basement.  They not only dance but sing along, too.  Sooo funny!


What I’m planning?

I WISH I were planning an Oscar party.  I’ve never had one.  

Maybe next year, when my energy level is up.


What I hope for?

a very long and fulfilled life;)

What I’m excited about?

being asked to speak at our church’s Women’s Retreat


What I dread?

being in front of everyone speaking at our church’s Women’s Retreat:)


What has surprised me?

how forgiving my husband is.  I just snapped at him.  He so didn’t deserve it… 

 I apologized. He forgave.

What I’m thankful for?

a warm home full of people I love, & recorded television

oh…AND this awesome moisturizing face cream– 

J.A.S.O.N Natural Cosmetics Vitamin E Creme 25000iu


What melted me?

pre-teen daughter showing affection to me IN PUBLIC–at the mall!  Awww!

This would usually horrify her…

What I’m wearing?

jeggings, gray shirt, black hoodie, striped gray & black scarf, silver hoop earrings, gray hat and

 black boots

My dreary outfit matches our dreary weather!


What I wish was different?

the length of my hair–it’s starting to get to me!

I’m a hair stylist–I miss using hairspray.  

I DID use some wax today and did a fo-hawk.  

It stuck up about an inch–oh yeah, baby…its a start!!


What I’m hungry for?



What I ate today?

~This amazing oatmeal concoction–we call it Banana Oatmeal Chia Pudding.  

~Soft Pretzel at the mall

~Cherry On Top Frozen Yogurt topped w/kiwi, strawberries, blueberries and pineapple

~other boring type food…like chicken and fresh vegetable juice


What I want?

Troubled marriages that I know of, to heal and succeed.



How I’m feeling?

Good…and relieved!!  I thought this weekend would be “ugh” because of this.



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  • julier2120
    February 27, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    A fohawk? made me giggle!.. nothing like Cancer to scare a teen into giving mom a hug ;)..oscar party? mini one, my house come on over!!.. Dog doo doo! Bet with that smell in your nose the cherry on top was delicious! hahaha Love you!

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