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Wait – Five Minute Friday

ISAIAH -41-30

I’m happy to be linking up to Five Minute Friday.

Five minutes to write on the word: Welcome.

Write–don’t edit–just 5 minutes to be in the moment–


But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.
    They spread their wings and soar like eagles,
They run and don’t get tired,
    they walk and don’t lag behind.

Isaiah 40:31



The month of January, this year of 2015, is a month and year where I have placed & prioritized stillness, quiet, meditation & waiting, into my day.

I realized I am responsible for my own spirit, and that we are to take inventory of how our spirits are doing, for what flows out of our spirit is what flows– into our day, into life.

The time I found to wait & meditate had to be early morning, for it is the only time my home is still enough for me to still.

I have found that waiting in the early dawn when the day is just beginning, is just the beginning.

I’ve learned, as the verse says above, that waiting is often movement…a doing.

I still to trust, I trust then act.

I still to find strength, to run and not grow weary.

I wait so that I may walk and not get stuck or lag behind.

I have yet to feel a consistency of soaring with eagles, as these moments are still too few and far between, yet my spirit longs for this Heaven on earth, this promised Kingdom come.

I hold on to this promise, this hope of His Kingdom come, and rest.

His precious will be done.


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  • Karen Brown
    January 31, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    I love the verse you used (I used the same one for my post) and your words. Such truth here and written with much grace. I love this line: “I hold on to this promise, this hope of His Kingdom come, and rest.” May it be so for me, also. Loved this!

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