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Things I’m Thankful For | One Thousand Gifts

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Remember the post: The Most Simple Way To Boost Your Mood? I talked about counting the gifts and how it can lift the mood. It seriously does wonders!

Thanks to #Last90Days challenge that I have been participating in, I have picked up the habit of counting gifts more aggressively lately, and again…I’m amazed at how it is such a mood booster!

Thanks to this challenge, I went from daily listing just 3 things I’m thankful for and upped it to 10.

Listing 10 gifts a day causes one to pause and think for a minute on what is good…there are so many things!

Despite being a harder season for our family, there are so many great amazing things to be thankful for.

If you are in a hard season too, try listing the things you are thankful for. It helps so much.

These are some of the highlights of my lists:


Things I’m Thankful For | One Thousand Gifts

#1,157 – #1,197 

Change of seasons, from summer to fall.

Connecting with sisters.

60-degree mornings.

Early morning wake-up habit established.

Motivation & revelation.

8 years cancer free anniversary!

A 3 day weekend.

Rain all week…new green grass from seed!

Sweet moments of heart connection with my Todd.

Brain fog lifted…more focus.


salad topped with berries and cashews

Salads with all the colors of the rainbow + nuts & seeds!

Encouraging comments from followers.

Early morning mindset

A good night sleep.

Made 4 More Movie & watching it with sisters!

Tony Robbin’s podcast motivation.

My earbuds.


Sweet boyfriends and husbands who help trim tree limbs.

Draw the Circle 40 Day Prayer Challenge book.

Locally roasted freshly ground coffee. My fav Cultiva Saratoga.

Sister hugs.

Successful senior picture session. Beauty captured.

Our youngest passing her drivers test.

Puzzle pieces shifted by God right into place.

Cool cloudy mornings.

Nature sounds — crickets, birds, grasshoppers.


Photo shoot with my Zy, and Dante.

Falafel because….yum!

My girls school shopping together without me…bittersweet.

Supernatural peace.

Relocated plants that bloom, signs of growth and roots.

Reminders in my path to worship God every day.


A fun new favorite gently used clothing store.

Daughters 1st day of college survived!


mushroom in grass

Giant beautiful mushrooms nestled in the grass, grabbing my attention on my walk.

A great date night, gifted from a sweet friend.

Insight into his heart.

A young one who is loved dearly coming through brain surgery.

The scent of lime and clove essential oil diffused.*

Weekend rest time. Sabbath.


Raincoats on day 4 of rain

Getting closer and closer to a New Nostalgia online digital downloads shop launch!

3,600 — miraculously answered prayer.

Reverant tears.

Eyes to see the goodness of the Holy One.

A humbled my heart and a head with no choice but to bow in thankfulness.


Sunlight and shadow on a kitchen wall

Sunlight | Sonlight!

This timely Instagram reminder: “Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.”

A double date breakfast with my in-laws. Their wisdom & willingness to listen to all the things!

Extended family connection.

Birds chirping.

Crisp cool morning.

An updated, fresh bedroom using what we already have.

How God sees my heart’s desires.

Direction, motivation, focus, progress.


A healthy green smoothie filled with all the healthy things.

Goals reached.

Connection with my sweet Aunt, her continued health and successful surgery.

Clean teeth and the best dentist.

Laughing with Todd.

Voxer with my Ali, her cheery voice.

A meeting canceled, a bit of margin.

A brand new fresh week.

Revelation & truth.

A dose of magnesium, how it calms and brings a deep sleep.

Friends who encourage me…tell me I’m am not too much and totally enough.


Her strength through ongoing treatment & good scan results!

The joy I find in a morning routine.

Establishing healthy habits.

Teagan’s first college exam survived and an amazing grade!

Chasing the setting sun.

Laughing with God because he lights up the sky in tune with the song I’m listening to.

Anxiety medication that works.


two bottles of essential oils

Egg Nog Latte & Peppermint Mocha & Pumpkin Spice essential oils in my diffuser.

Doctors that are kind, thoughtful and thorough.

New Wax Buffalo Candle, the new golden hour scent!

Meeting online friends face to face.

A clear calendar week to get work done.

Grace from a family member for my irritated response.


My baby girl, how I go to take a selfie and I’m distracted by her sweet smile.

The gift of a blanket, the weight of it, how it lifts what is heavy on my heart.

A weekend away with people I love. Memories made.

Celebrating the anticipated arrival of a brand new baby in the family.

Our first snow of the season.

A safe drive home in the snow.


How about you?

Have you ever challenged yourself to list the things you are thankful for?

What was it like?

If you enjoy photos like these (that were all taken from my Instagram account) then I would love for you to connect with me on Instagram!

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  • Liz cooper cooper
    October 20, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    These are the most beautiful things I have read in a good while. thank you, Amy for opening your heart to all of these things. I surely can identify with some of them. OX OX OX. Liz

    • AmyNewNostalgia
      October 23, 2018 at 9:36 am are most welcome. Thank you for reading <3