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Makes Me Happy– Under-The-Cabinet Music Player


I find a lot of joy in cooking and baking, but I pretty much despise doing the dishes, that is, until I bought an amazing item that should be in every woman’s kitchen.  AN UNDER- THE- CABINET MUSIC PLAYER!  Oh yeah, its the bomb. (I have this one..Sony Under-Cabinet Kitchen ICF-CDK50 CD/Clock Radio (Silver)

Its up out of the way, it has a clock that makes a great little night light, a timer (so handy when I have the oven timer going and need another, for naughty girl time- outs!),  a radio and cd player.  Oh, can’t forget my favorite feature, it has a little holder and adapter for my ipod!   Isn’t that GREAT?  Makes me happy, which reminds me that we use it often to play happy songs on those grumpy mornings, when the breakfast table is full of grumps.  I also use it most nights as a signal that the evening is slowing down and bedtime is approaching, by turning lights low and playing chill music.

As Christmas is approaching, I find myself starting to think of gift ideas.  If you have parents or grandparents who are hard to buy for, this would be a great gift. Not the most inexpensive one, but hey, it would knock 2 people off your list and make them happy!

I got the idea from a girlfriend (Keeli!) who was tossing around good gift ideas with me last Christmas. Notice I bought one for myself instead of getting one for someone else:) If you really wanted to go all out, they even have them with dvd players and a tv screen that swivels!!  This is great for little ones who are under foot while cooking.  Grab a little stool, stick in some Blues Clues, and problem solved! (yes, I am suggesting using Blue to babysit, ya gotta get dinner made somehow, right?)

So there it is.  An under-the-cabinet music player.  Makes me happy!!