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Walk Out On Wednesdays


It’s time to walk out on your family and friends! Bet you never thought you would read those words on this blog, huh?

I’m suggesting that you join me and other mom’s who are ready for some ‘me’ time on #walkoutwednesdays. It is springtime, and what better way to enjoy spring than on a walk with a friend, getting some much-needed ‘me’ time and exercise at the same time?

Did you know that the average mom only spends 15 minutes a day on themselves? That is must not enough! We do so very much for our families, from carpooling to all of those dinners, running errands…it seems to never stop… so how about a walk out? One that will benefit those much-loved friends and family members.

I’m learning if I don’t take care of myself, I won’t have my best to give to my family, and walking is one of my most favorite ways to take care of my body and mind. I’m especially excited as spring is here and I can leave my treadmill and walk out on my sweet family and into the beautiful outdoors.

Can’t seem to coordinate with a friend? Then walk out alone. Sometimes, especially for us introverts, ‘me time’ at times means alone time. You can walk with a friend, your husband, your dog, or just by yourself. Regardless, just do it!


Here are a few amazing benefits of walking:

~improves heart health by increasing heart rate and circulation

~improves blood pressure

~engages ab muscles

~builds bone mass

~strengthens legs, including quadriceps, hip flexors and hamstrings

~reduces risk of osteoporosis

~works arm and shoulder muscles

~improves balance

~boosts endorphins, easing stress, tension, anger, fatigue and confusion in 10 minutes





Omron Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker

A fun little tool I have been using on my walks is the Omron Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker. It is a small little tracker that I can just put in my pocket, in my purse or clip to my waistband. It keeps track of steps, aerobic steps, distance and calories. I just tap on the screen to see my progress, which is super fun and motivating!


The Omron Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker is Bluetooth Smart. You can wirelessly sync your data to the Omron Fitness mobile app on your phone, where you can store months of data, view progress charts and graphs and set personal goals related to steps, miles and calories. It is super motivating to watch my daily, weekly and monthly progress!

How about you? Do you need some ‘me’ time? Is walking an exercise you think you would enjoy? Do you think it would be motivating to track your progress?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Omron. The opinions and text are all mine.