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The Perfect Vegetable Tray-Keep It Full In Your Refrigerator & Watch Your Kids Devour Their Vegetables!

This vegetable compartment carry along tray has been one of my most favorite recent purchases.  I just LOVE IT!  I was keeping cut up vegetables in mason jars in my refrigerator, and they were pretty and great for creating salads, but I didn’t like that I had to grab one at a time, open all the lids, grab the dip and then set them out for the kids to eat.  Too many steps, and I found we were not eating raw veggies as often as I liked.
I thought about how my girls devour their raw veggies when we are at parties with veggie trays.  I thought about why that is, and a light bulb went off as I figured figured out a few reasons why that is.

1. Easy to grab veggies.
2. Dip right there ready to go.
3. It is pretty
4. It is convenient.
5. They can choose the veggies they like and leave the rest.

I decided to search Amazon and the perfect vegetable tray, one with an area in the middle for dip, and one with a lid so I could store it in the refrigerator easily. 

I found this one.  The perfect one.  I love it.  It is easy to clean, easy to carry, easy to snap the lid right on and take it off. It is not too tall to fit on my refrigerator shelf.  It takes up a bit of refrigerator space but boy, it is worth it!  What else would I want taking up space in my refrigerator other than healthy, beautiful vegetables ?
I pull it out every afternoon when the kids walk in from school and set it out on our table.  They come by, grab a veggie and gobble them up.  If it is out and in sight, with dip available, they will eat their vegetables.  
I fill it at the beginning of the week and usually once more mid week.  I love grabbing it when making a dinner salad and adding veggies that are already chopped or just need a bit more chopping.  So easy!

The handle on it is a plus.  I have grabbed it and gone to the park and taken it to my inlaws pool house. The perfect healthy snack that is always ready to grab and go!
Get this!  You will love it.  

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