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My Mom’s Taco Salad No Recipe-Recipe

My mom made the best Taco Salad when I was growing up.  I loved it!
She used: 
~Doritos Nacho Chips 
~Seasoned Taco Meat 
~Iceberg Lettuce 
~ Catalina dressing or Western Dressing.

I added a few ingredients to make it a bit more filling and healthy.
I used:
~Baby Lettuce Greens along with the Iceberg Lettuce (for antioxidants)
~Black Beans (for more fiber & protein) 
~Organic Tomatoes
~Organic Corn (for an added texture)
~Organic Cheese
~A brand of Nacho Chips that had no hydrogenated oils or preservatives in them 
~A Taco Seasoning Mix that had no msg or fillers in it.
~Organic, Grass Fed Beef
~Catalina Dressing (I chose this brand because it had no high fructose corn syrup in it)

This is a no recipe- recipe.  You just brown a pound of beef, drain, then season it with taco seasoning.  Prepare all other ingredients–tear iceberg lettuce, grate cheese, dice tomatoes, drain & rinse beans, slightly crush the chips. Throw all ingredients into a large bowl.  I just eye ball it, adding a little of this and a little of that!

Pour desired amount of dressing on top

Toss, serve and enjoy!!