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5 Minute Fridays/ Spiritual

Being Found + 16 Of God’s Promises



Participating in  5 Minute Fridays. 5 minutes to write about one word. Unedited.
This week’s word: FIND

Seek me and you will find:






Think this is too good to be true? It is not.

His promises reign true.

Are you in a season of hopelessness?  Seek Him & Find Him.  Allow Him to do what He does best, changing what was meant for harm to good.

Will He immediately change your circumstance? Will He immediately heal?

Sometimes. Most times, not immediately.

Most of the time healing is a process, and one that must be sought after with all that we are. Persevere my friend. Hang on.

God will be with you. He is found with promise after promise to work all things out for the good who love Him. Seek those promises, they will be a light for you in the dark, a hammock for you’re hurting heart.

Keep seeking. Keep looking for answers, for healing.

Know that our keeper sees you, knows you, and you are found.



16 of God’s Promises

{From God’s Promises For The Hungry Heart}

1. I can use evil things that happen to you to accomplish good things. Genesis 50:20

2. I will cause your life to draw others to Christ. Matthew 4:19

3. While you depend on Me, I get things done for you. Exodus 14:14

4. You can have My comfort and be satisfied. Matthew 5.4-6

5. I will never lie to you. I’ll make good what I say! Numbers 23:19

6. When you’re merciful – you’ll enjoy My mercy. Matthew 5:7

7. Trust Me. I keep my word. Forever. Deuteronomy 7:9

8. I have a reward for you in Heaven because you endured hard times here. Matthew 5:11

9. When you soak yourself in My Word, you’ll have success. Joshua 1:8

10. Put Me first – I will give you all your need. Matthew 6:33

11. You can be fearless in any situation because I’m with you. Joshua 1:9

12. I want to give you good things. Matthew 7:9-11

13. Every promise you find in My word will happen. Joshua 21:45

14. Do My will and you’ll go to heaven. Matthew 7:21

15. Share my love with others – I’ll reward you! Matthew 10:42

16. Give me your burdens and you’ll receive My rest. Matthew 11:28-30