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A Healthy Perfume Amber Oil


I didn’t initially buy this perfume oil because it is a healthier way to wear a scent.  I bought it because the cashier at my local Whole Foods store smelled so fresh & clean that I had to ask her what perfume she was wearing.

She told me it was Amber Oil, and took me over to their essential oil section and showed me Amber Oil by Nemet International. Nemat is a line of rich perfume oil blends that has its company roots going back 170 years to India.

She told me just a few drops in the morning is all it takes to keep her smelling great all day, and that she gets compliments on it all of the time.  I bought it, and now I am the one getting compliments…even from my teenage daughter which is a feat in and of itself!

I call it a healthy perfume because this perfume oil is bare bones with no added filler oils or alcohol.

Did you know that many perfume sprays can be harmful to your health?

Why A Healthy Perfume

  1. Many main stream perfumes have ingredients are irritants and can trigger allergies, migraines and asthma.
  2. They contain chemicals that are synthetic and can be harmful to the environment and toxic to aquatic life & humans.
  3. Many fragrance’s have ingredients are used to enhance the performance of the perfume, such as the one that I am most concerned about personally– Diethyl Phthalate or DEP.  DEP is widely used in cosmetic fragrances for its lingering effect. Phthalates are in most of the popular selling fragrances.  They interfere with hormone function and have been linked to early puberty in girls.  Being a hormone receptive breast cancer survivor, I care about anything that messes with hormones!


How I Use Amber Oil:

This brand I use is so concentrated, that it only takes a couple of drops for all day fragrance.  I drop 2 drops onto my wrist, rub them together, then give them a quick rub down whatever I am wearing.  Sometimes that is my scarf, sometimes it is my jacket, and sometimes it is whatever shirt I am wearing.  Don’t worry about oil residue on your clothes…I have never seen oil spots or stains from using Amber oil.  Most of it is rubbed into your skin, the rest is just lightly skimmed over your outfit.

My daughter has commented that when she puts on my jacket, that it smells so good.

Amber oil is never over-powering.  It is a light, clean (without being floral or soapy), fresh, & warm (without being heavy) scent.  To me, it smells like a hug!


Another perk?  It is much more affordable than most perfumes out on the market today, under $15.00. Some have had trouble finding it at their local Whole Foods store.  You can order it on Amazon if you prefer.