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Healthy Nachos

I have already posted about this Garbanzo Bean Taco Seasoned “Meat.”  I wrote about how to make Tacos & Lettuce Wraps, but I must say, I think this may be my favorite way to enjoy these taco seasoned beans.  This was amazing, and tasted just as good as any restaurant nachos I’ve ever had!

If you have never roasted garbanzo beans you are in for a treat.  You just drain them, rinse them and toss them with seasoning, then roast.  Within 20 minutes they turn so yummy and crunchy!

If we are just going to eat them as a snack, I leave the beans whole.  If using in tacos, nachos or lettuce wraps, I pulse a couple times in the food processor to make into a “meaty” texture.

This is a fun and easy addition to the nachos.  I think the added flavor of these fajita vegetables are what make these nachos so good.  Just slice onion & peppers, (I love using my favorite mandolin) add some grill seasoning, and use a grill pan on high heat to soften them.  Easy!

Garbanzo Bean “Meat” Nachos

1 recipe Garbanzo Meat filling

Tortilla Chips

Cheese of your choice (almond, soy or dairy)

Fajita vegetables (optional, directions above)



Make garbanzo meat filling according to directions.  Put tortilla chips on a plate.  Add the beans & fajita vegetables.  Sprinkle with cheese of choice.  Microwave until cheese melts.  Serve with lettuce and tomatoes.