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Baja Fish Tacos and My Thoughts on Home Chef

Baja Fish Tacos from Home Chef

I just made the most delicious Baja Fish Tacos thanks to the meal delivery system called Home Chef. I served them up to my taco- lovin’ husband and we had a sweet little meal for two.

Table Set For Two Baja Tacos

The Baja Fish Tacos are topped with the most delicious Sriracha Slaw, which really is key for the amazing flavor of these tacos, along with the Quick Pickled Red Onion which added the perfect acidity. I knew my Todd would enjoy the bit of spice from the Sriracha Slaw and I was right. He ended the meal with “wow, that had great flavor!” See video below, we captured his first bite!

Limes from Home Chef

Sriracha Slaw from Home Chef

That little compliment from my man set my mood to ‘happy’ the rest of the evening. My love language is words of affirmation, and when they are given in response to my food, it is twice as nice!

Home Chef truly helped make me look good. I can take credit for my dinner because I did cook it, but let’s be honest, Home Chef did most of the work for me! Shhh…don’t tell Todd.

Home Chef Meal box

Fish from Home Chef

Baja Fish Taco Ingredients from Home Chef

Home Chef Meal Delivery System

Home Chef is a fresh ingredient and recipe meal delivery service. It is “Home Cooking Made Simple” and delivers everything you need for a delicious meal. An insulated box is delivered to your door and stays cold until you get home, with no signature required.

I was giddy with the idea of a chef creating recipes, planning my menu and shopping for me!

A meal delivery service means no grocery lines, no menu planning, no fighting traffic while driving to the store, no parking lot struggles (or in my case remembering where you parked), no wasting money on unhealthy takeout, and perfectly portioned ingredients which means no waste.

The Home Chef website is really easy to use. You choose between 13 easy-to-follow recipes which are always updated. They offer meat, seafood, low-carb, gluten-free options and also vegetarian options. They use ingredient suppliers with sustainable practices & who benefit the ecosystems in which they operate.

One of my favorite things about Home Chef was that you can edit the number of weekly meals or servings you receive, skip a week or pause your account with the click of a button. Subscriptions are easy and flexible, and there are no binding contracts which means you can try it with no commitment and cancel at any time.

Ingredients from Home Chef delivery

Baja Fish Tacos

 Home Chef Recipes

I’ve made 2 Home Chef recipes: Baja Fish Tacos & Steak au Poivre. Both were absolutely delicious! I will share the Steak au Poivre sauce recipe in an upcoming post so stay tuned. You will not want to miss that recipe. I’m still dreaming about that sauce– it was divine!

The Baja Fish Tacos were really fun to make. I unpacked the box, set out the ingredients, read over the step-by-step illustrated instructions on the meal recipe card, and got my chef on!

What I loved about making both meals was I learned cooking techniques I have never done before, along with simple tips I can reuse over and over.

Baja Fish Tacos from Home Chef

Example? The Sriracha Slaw was so delicious and tasted like it had layers of amazing flavor, yet it was dressed with just two ingredients–mayo and Sriracha. I never buy Sriracha because I always thought it would be too spicy. Now I know it adds a great garlic and chili flavor and is not too spicy if used in moderation.

Another example is that I have never fried fish. It was intimidating to me because I didn’t want to overcook the fish. The recipe card comes with “chef tips” and one of them was that the batter for the fish should be nice and thin so that it cooks quickly and you won’t overcook the fish.

It worked beautifully, and although we rarely eat fried food, I like knowing how to do it, so that when we do eat it I’m the one who makes it. I like this option way more than buying frozen fried food that is full of questionable ingredients.

I also love that the recipe card is for the entire meal, so that at the end of about 30 minutes the main dish and side dishes are all done at the same time! Home Chef does all the thinking for you! I REALLY like that.

When I’m planning my own meals the side dishes are more like an afterthought, and I use whatever I have at home. With Home Chef, the meal components go so well together because the side dishes are planned by a real chef, to go perfectly with the main course, like the slaw topping for these fish tacos, or the cauliflower gratin side dish that came as part of the Steak au Poivre.

Convenience and confidence–these are the 2 words I think of when summing up my Home Chef experience. It can’t be any more convenient and my confidence as a home chef was at an all-time high making such easy, beautiful and delicious meals!

Home Chef Baja Fish Tacos

Baja Fish Tacos with Sriracha Slaw

Go to the Home Chef website and search Baja Fish Tacos. You will see how beautifully they share a recipe meal plan, step-by-step with tips along the way. They even make each recipe easy to share with your friends using their social media share buttons.

Watch Me Make Baja Fish Tacos with Home Chef

{watch this 60-second video to the end to see my Todd taking his first bite and me laughing at my daughter filming us!}

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What about you? Does subscribing to Home Chef appeal to you? What would you enjoy about a home recipe and ingredient delivery system?