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Mastectomy, Reconstruction and Finding Warmth and Comfort with Elemental

Warmth and Comfort After Mastectomy Reconstruction with Elemental Thermal Bra #mastectomy #reconstruction #breastcancer

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It has been 8 years since my mastectomy and reconstruction due to breast cancer, and it’s been quite a ride. I’ve had several surgeries because of reconstruction complications over the years, which is quite common with mastectomy reconstruction, so I know I am not alone.

It was so it was strange to focus and heal elsewhere with my most recent oophorectomy surgery. It was a much easier surgery than what I am used to and I am so happy to be fully healed from that!

Focusing elsewhere may be shortlived, however, as I will be needing another breast reconstruction surgery in the future.

I am prone to keloids and have scar tissue pushing my implant toward the center, and causing discomfort. The discomfort is bearable, but if it gets worse it will become more than a nuisance. I am hoping to put this surgery off as long as possible!

Warmth and Comfort After Mastectomy Reconstruction with Elemental Thermal Bra #mastectomy #reconstruction #breastcancer

Memories of Mastectomy and Reconstruction

I had 4 different reconstruction surgeries between 2010 and 2014. It has been so nice to have a long 4-year break from surgery!

Oh, the memories I have of reconstruction…from being delighted about my immediate reconstruction right after mastectomy, and nipple reconstruction a month later, to both of those procedures being ruined within a year thanks to a sliding implant…oh yes…that one that gave me bad dreams in 2011!

There was another time when my surgery was postponed, and we were surprised by a phone call while on the road to the hospital the day of surgery.

It was my nurse calling to tell us that my implants were stuck on a plane in Texas due to an ice storm of all things! Surgery was canceled and we turned back around and headed home.

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