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Hulling Strawberries With A Straw

My girls and I spent the afternoon at a strawberry patch, picking strawberries with good friends of ours. It was so much fun! We came home with almost 40 lbs of strawberries. I plan on making freezer jam, strawberry pancake syrup, smoothies, popsicles, and strawberry bread.

We started the big job of washing and hulling the strawberries right when we got home.  I plan on mashing them up, then putting them in jars to freeze, thanks to this post I read.  (she talks about why she likes to mash them instead of freezing them whole).

{Click here for my favorite stainless steel straws}
I am so happy that I learned this secret to easy hulling from my stepmom.  All you have to do is poke em’ with a straw!  You start at the bottom of the strawberry, push the straw up, and the stem and white bit just pop right up!  My girls think it is quite fun, & my middle girl wanted to just keep going, even after hulling 10 lbs with me.  I said “Wow, honey, you are quite the hard worker,”  She said, “yup, as long as I have gum in my mouth” ???  I guess blowing bubbles while hulling strawberries is her thing.

Have any other ideas of how I can use up these berries?  I would love more ideas and recipes if you’ve got ’em!

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