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Healthy Eating- Health Books I Jive With

These are a few of my favorite books on health. They all have helped mold my thinking about food and healthful living. This is not to say I agree with EVERYTHING they say, some even contradict each other, but the knowledge I have gleaned from them is what I have been putting into practice when feeding my family, and SOMETHING is working! Praise God.

You:The Owner’s Manual

I admit, I’m a Dr. Oz fan. I even tape his show. I love all the videos he does to show how the amazing body works internally. I learn so much from his books. He uses comic type pictures to really help a regular joe (or sue:)) understand why our bodies do what they do, how different organs work, and the cause and effect of things we put into our bodies.

You:On A Diet

Same as above but with more focus on food and diet. I even got my husband to read this one. He enjoyed it, and used some of what he read to help him lose 25 pounds.  He looks great! Now he does not look at me with a blank stare when I want to talk health–he gets it, most of it.:) I only get an occasional blank stare..

You:Staying Young

This one was a fun read for me. It talks beauty which I’m always up for..

The Unhealthy Truth

Are you glad I moved on from Doc Oz?
I devoured this book. I don’t know what to think of some of its content, but major light bulbs went off for me when it came to my daughters asthma and allergy symptoms. Because of this book I no longer use cleaning products with chemicals in them, which I KNOW has played a big part in getting my daughter off inhalers. It also made me more aware of food allergies, and because of that I now know the horrid coughing fits my daughter would randomly, but often, have were do to yellow food coloring and maybe corn. (ugh, I so sound like one of THOSE mothers I used to roll my eyes at)

In Defense Of Food

Another very intriguing book. One my husband rolls his eyes at, and one I raise my eyebrows at while saying “Hmm..”  I liked this book.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

This one was just a fun read. It let me fantasize about living on a farm and growing my own food. I would love that, really I would, but I will settle for a garden–even if it has to be a community garden!

Real Food

This is one I am reading now. Can’t seem to finish it because I am always blogging!

Nourishing Traditions

This one is next on my list. I hear it is pretty hard core. Bring it on…

So as I was checking to make sure all the links worked in this post, and I was so pleased to see that all of these books were reviewed by many on, and most got four and three quarters stars!  A couple got 5 stars, and one (You:Staying Young) got 4 stars.  That makes me happy! I feel less alone and less quacky in this quest, to simplify the foods my family eats, and to figure out which ones are most helpful to our health.