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An Easy Way To Chop An Egg


Many of you may know this fun little trick, but it is one that makes me so happy I thought I would share it anyway!

I was at a deli about 10 yrs ago, taking a lunch break in the middle of a very long day of hair styling.  I ordered an egg salad sandwich, and was told I would have to wait a minute for her to mix up a new batch.  I stood and watched her whip out an egg slicer and chop up a dozen eggs using this method, in no time.  I had used one of these egg slicers to slice an egg, but had never thought about turning the egg sideways to slice a second time-it makes perfect little matchstick like egg pieces.  These are great for egg salad and any recipe that calls for chopped egg or just simply to top a salad.

egg slicer

Sliced egg

chopped egg with an egg slicer

The Ecko brand egg slicer I have pictured above is quite flimsy and the wires break easily, I would not recommend it.

This one from Amazon got great reviews.  It is a bit pricier, but after having 3 break on me, I am ready for a quality egg slicer.  This can be used to slice strawberries & mushrooms, and areviewer said she has even used it to slice a chunk of mozzarella cheese.

What are your favorite ways to use hard boiled eggs?

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