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A Deal On Glasses From JCPenny & Back-To-School Shopping Tips


Back-to-school shopping can be something that most Moms dread, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve learned some things throughout the years, so keep reading for some tips and a great deal on glasses from JCPenney. (60% OFF 1 PAIR! GOOD THROUGH 9/9)


Focus In On One

Something I have loved doing the last few years is to take each of my 3 girls back-to-school shopping separately. I take them to buy clothes, school supplies, glasses and shoes. This creates a lovely opportunity to spend quality time with them before school starts. It is so much easier for me to focus in on one of my girls, AND it keeps my sanity. I know they appreciate not having to listen to unsolicited opinions and advice on what to buy from each other. I make sure I have a good chunk of time to spend with each of them, and remind myself to slow down and take in the moments. We usually take a nice shopping break by going out for lunch, which really makes it feel special. Who knew that back to school shopping could end up being great memory-making with my girls?


Not Too Many New Clothes

I saw a Mom that I admire post on Instagram recently that her kids just get one new outfit for back-to-school. They have fresh new outfit for the first day of school, but don’t end up breaking the bank and going overboard with unneeded clothes. I love this idea! Our seasons change a month or so after school starts, so really my girls can continue wearing their summer clothes for a while, and then start to layer their clothes as fall hits. This would free up the budget to buy back- to- school items other than clothes.




Everyone in our family wears glasses, except my youngest, and I’m sure one of these days she will need them. Affordable glasses are a MUST for our family, and I use back-to-school time as a great time to evaluate and see who is ready for an exam or new pair of frames, including Mom! With teenage girls, their faces grow and change almost as much as their fashion  tastes, and JCPenney Optical is a great place to keep up with it all. They have fashion forward eyewear at a great value. especially right now with their Labor Day sale going on! 60% off 1 pair, offer good through 9/9!

Do you have multiple people in your family wearing glasses? Not only do we have 4 different people wearing prescription glasses, but 3 of us love our prescription sunglasses, too. They used to be an adult-only thing in our home, but then my Teagan started driving, so it became a safety necessity to have prescription sunglasses. She was a lifeguard this summer so again, it was necessity for her to be able to see and save lives!

If you are a Mom of kids or teens who wear glasses,you can probably relate to finding pairs of glasses lying around the house. This used to stress me out and I often  get into lecture mode. Not anymore. Now I designate one place in our home as the place for everyone to find their glasses (aka the place that Mom places them after picking up after everyone!) Gather them on a platter that is centrally located (ours is in our living room) where glasses are easy to grab on the way out the door.


Specific Shoes

We usually plan on getting each of my girls one new pair of PE shoes, especially my runner girl who runs cross-country. She wears out her running shoes within a few months with all of the miles she runs. We also get them one pair of fall boots. They fill in with summer sandals and flip-flops until the cool months hit, and then they pull out the boots.


Lunch Boxes

I wrote a post about the containers we use to keep us from buying plastic baggies, which saves us quite a bit. My girls pack a lunch almost daily so we usually end up buying new lunch bags for them every school year. I make sure I have enough ice packs and a thermos for each girl, and stock up on napkins and disposable spoons for the days I send a thermos full of hot soup.



School Supplies

Lists are key here. I have each of my girls make a list, and then I am mindful of what we already might have sitting around here at home. Oftentimes I have notebooks, folders, erasers and extra pencils in our home office that I can distribute to my girls. I also shop for their school supplies at the same time I take them individually to shop for back- to- school clothes, shoes and glasses. It always feels so good to get home and know they have everything they need.




Back-to-school is a great time to get all trimmed & styled up, especially as school pictures are usually taken shortly after school resumes in the fall. I am a licensed cosmetologist, so I do all of the haircuts, trims & highlights in the family. We did not get this done before school started this year, and just this morning my oldest asked me if she could please, PLEASE get her hair trimmed. They usually think it is pretty handy that their Mom can do hair, but I’m sure waiting around until I have time can be a drag — or a lesson in patience!


My girls went back-to-school prepared for whatever the school year brings. I sigh with a bit of relief  and a bit of sadness as I watch them go. Another year down! Now to figure out how to keep them from growing up any further!


What are your best back to school tips?

How many people in your family wear prescription glasses? How do you keep track of them all?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.