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New Nostalgia Shop Launch + Giveaway!

cards on rings

I have been giddy excited for this day to arrive so that I could tell you all about the NEW, New Nostalgia Shop! It has been in the works for over a year and the day is finally here.

I often talk about living well and with purpose here at New Nostalgia, but how does one practically do that?

There are many ways to do it, both big and small, and intentional living looks different for different people.


3 cards on rings and a plant

Maybe we have this in common, though…just maybe we could all use something tangible to help guide us in our pursuit to do all the important things.

With that in mind, I’ve created tools–simple, printable cards to refer to– that has been life-changing for me in my pursuit to live well, and my hope is that they will be for you, too!


cards on rings magnetic hooks

How have they been helping me? For starters:

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My Personal 31 Days of Tea-LC Challenge + A Tea Giveaway

I am a HUGE fan of warm, comforting drinks in the winter months.  There is just something I love about having my hands wrapped around a big, warm mug of a hot beverage. I love chai, coffee and tea, but because I am a cancer survivor, health and immunity are super important to me! With this in mind, I have been wanting to drink less coffee and more tea, and have decided to join in on Celestial Seasonings 31 Days of TeaLC Challenge.  My personal challenge is to replace my typical 2nd cup of coffee, the one I usually drink in the afternoon, with tea!

My friends at Celestial Seasonings recently sent me a bunch of their new wellness teas, just in time for my 31 Days of TeaLC Challenge.  I have LOVED trying out their new products, and have been really impressed with the emphasis their teas have on health!  I have so enjoyed experiencing their different teas that I find myself drinking much more tea than I anticipated. This 31 day challenge really isn’t much of a challenge for me because it has been so much fun!

I own an electric tea kettle, and it is by far one of my most favorite kitchen appliances, especially in the winter.  I fill it with water in the morning, then flip the button to “on.”  In just a minute or 2, I have hot water for my tea.  The kettle keeps the water hot for a long time, so I refill my mug often.  If it has been a couple hours since my last cup of tea and I want more, I simply flip the switch to “on’ again. It is a great way to have hot water handy all throughout the day. I LOVE it.

There are 2 teas from Celestial Seasonings that I must talk about.  I will start with my most favorite–Natural Detox Wellness Tea.  I was super excited to see a Celestial Seasoning tea containing Milk Thistle.  I have taken Milk Thistle in supplement form ever since I finished chemo & radiation.  Milk Thistle is known for its detoxing properties, and is great great for the liver.  Chemo wreaks havoc on the liver, which is the bodies main detoxing organ, so restoring my liver to its full working condition was really important to me.  I was hoping I would like this tea, especially if it meant eliminating an expensive supplement that I would usually take in pill form.  This tea did not disappoint. The creamy vanilla flavor is really comforting.  It is interesting for something to taste “creamy” when it is not, but it does!  I love it, have drank a ton of it already, and I’m not even close to being tired of it.

Antioxidant Max Green Tea Blackberry Pomegranate 

My second favorite tea that they sent is their Antioxidant Max Green Tea Blueberry Pomegranate.  Green tea is another really important ingredient in a healthy diet.  Green teas provide powerful flavonoid antioxidants that can help reduce the cell-damaging effects of free radicals.  This is not only good for cancer patients whose treatment is so harsh and damaging, but also for healthy people who want to stay that way.  Cancer is simply cells misbehaving that are damaged, so it makes sense that reducing free radicals that damage cells is cancer preventative.

This tea would taste great in the warm months, too.  It would be really refreshing to serve it iced.