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Christmas Shopping & Gift Wrapping For Tween Girls


Christmas shopping for my girls is in full swing! My girls are growing up so quickly, and I have only one tween left.  Teagan is 16, Colsie is 14 & Avery is 12.  Thank goodness I still have my lil’ Avery!

Even though she is not a teenager yet, she has a distinct style and her own opinions when it comes to the clothes she wears. I really love her style.  She is sporty with a touch of girly sparkle.  I wanted to buy her some clothes for Christmas but needed to her to point out a few of her favorite things so “Santa” will get it right– if you know what I mean!



I took her to the mall and straight into Justice.  Justice is definitely a destination for stylish tween girls this holiday season. Whether shopping in-store or online, Justice makes it easy and hassle-free for anyone with a tween girl in their life to find some special holiday gifts.

Justice has got you covered no matter what style your tween is embracing at the moment. Whether you have a sporty athlete like my Avery, or a girly girl, or a fashion trend setter; Justice makes shopping for every girl easy and fun. The store was even organized into fashion types and we of course, headed right to the sporty section.

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