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22 Simple Ways To Eat Fruits And Vegetables



22 Simple Ways to Eat Fruits And Vegetables

  1. Frozen berries in cold cereal
  2. Frozen berries in oatmeal
  3. A bowl of frozen berries thawed to perfection during dinner in time for dessert
  4. Apple slices almond butter
  5. Bananas sliced on bran flakes for breakfast
  6. Banana slices on whole wheat peanut butter bagel
  7. Celery and peanut butter or cream cheese
  8. Pepper strips and hummus
  9. Cucumber slices and dip
  10. Frozen grapes– so refreshing!
  11. A 6-cup muffin tin full of different colors for snack
  12. Clementine slices on our salads
  13. Frozen mango chunks in a bowl
  14. Edamame with sea salt-my kids favorite
  15. Fruit smoothies made green by blending in spinach
  16. Eggplant in place of beef in our spaghetti sauce
  17. Fruit kabobs-so pretty and fun
  18. Fresh berries in pancakes
  19. Homemade, no-cook berry jam
  20. Sliced berries on ice cream
  21. Spinach salad with mason jars full of vegetable toppings to add themselves
  22. Make our own fresh vegetable and fruit juices using our juicer.