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Blueberry Compote and 10 Ways To Use It

Blueberry Compote Healthy Recipe

Blueberry Compote

This blueberry compote recipe can be made using frozen or fresh blueberries. It is sweetened with honey and has a touch of cinnamon and lemon juice to bring out the flavor of the blueberries. It is simple to make, lasts a week in the refrigerator, and can be used in so many ways! I love having a jar of it in on hand.

10 Ways To Use Blueberry Compote

  1. Top waffles or pancakes
  2. Swirl it into yogurt
  3. Spoon it over oatmeal
  4. Add to chia oats
  5. Serve as a jam on toast, scones or an english muffin
  6. Spread on a dessert plate and serve with cheesecake
  7. Ladle it on ice cream
  8. Add to your favorite BBQ sauce and serve with chicken
  9. Fill a crepe
  10. Sweeten up a smoothie

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