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My Colsie The Cat Lover + Cool Cat Wall Murals

grey cat wall murals


I have a cat lover and her name is Colsie, and she has been in mourning lately because her Mom is allergic to cats. Poor Colsie! I’ve been brainstorming how I can make her grief more bearable, and I’m thinking a large, life-like cat mural on her wall just might be the answer!

Pixers Wall Murals

Did you know that it is a thing? Wall murals? I’ve spent some time on a website called Pixers where they have thousands of wall mural options, and I am blown away by all that one can do with just a plain wall! The wall murals of today are not what they used to be. They are art!

The Pixers site has thousands of images! They allow you to try their murals on a photo of your own room , or they show options of your selected mural in provided images of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. It helps so much to see how each one will look in a real room.

The above picture of the sleeping cat looked amazing as a full wall mural. It made the entire wall look like a warm, cozy, fuzzy blanket. My Colsie would LOVE this.

Cat Obsession

Right now, she has a cat post-it note holder on her new desk that she got for Christmas, a cat mug from a sweet friend that she keeps close to sip out of, and a little dish with a cat on it that I brought back from a trip, to hold all the little things. But a HUGE cat on her wall?! I would be mom-of-the-year.

pictures hanging on a wall

One thing that does NOT make me mom-of-the-year in my teenagers eyes is talking too much about them here at New Nostalgia, even though I love to! This blog is like having a family diary of sorts, but now that I have teenagers, I must be careful about what I write in this ‘diary’ that the whole world can see! I now try to be selective with the tidbits I share for their desired privacy, but boy do I want to just blab to you all about my girls. I love them so.

Instead, I will just give you a glimpse into my Colsie’s room and world, and tell you about her obsession love for cats.

Colsie’s Room

Her room is one of my favorites in our home. She has always been quite organized and neat, never letting it get too out of control. Just when I think she might need a reminder to clean up, she does it on her own. She spends a lot of time in her room, as most teenagers do. She has fun twinkle lights hanging from a window, photos of her close friends tacked up all around, and a pillow on her bed greeting all who enter, with the word “HELLO” on it.

grey cat wall murals

grey cat murals

Can you imagine the addition of fur-ball taking up an entire wall? It would be so cute on the wall behind Colsie’s bed.


2 CATS muralsThe above cat mural is not so life-like, but makes me smile as I put it under one of my favorite photos of my Colsie and I. Do you see the resemblance?


This shows the mural in a room. How fun is that?

The simple, geometric mural below is what I would choose for a wall in my room. Funny how that happens, I find something for myself while shopping for my girl!

simple geometric wall mural

Does the idea of a wall mural intrigue you? There are amazing images of the sky and clouds and thousands of different pattern/image options in the Pixers gallery. If you can imagine it, they probably have it. They have full wall murals, wall decals, window decals, posters and more. All the photos of cats on this post are from Pixers. What would you choose? Visit the Pixers wall murals gallery to see more.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pixers. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Transitioning A Room From Young Girl To Teen


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

My Colsie is now 14 years old and it was more than time to update her room to reflect her growth both in stature and in character.  She has made her Dad and I so proud in the person she is becoming.  She is such a talented, fun girl, full of energy and sweetness, and it has been great to change-up her room a bit to reflect more of who she is.


When Colsie was younger, her room was all pastels and sweet. Now that she is older, it was time to make it her own and put her personality into it.


See what I mean by personality?  Colsie is an amazing photographer, is learning guitar and piano and has expressed interest in learning the violin.  She is very creative minded and has great taste that is very much her own. Oh how I love my cute Colsie!


Colsie made her room design pretty easy on us.  For her birthday, she received a gift card to our local craft and hobby store, and this awesome and colorful bulldog painting caught her eye and she fell head over heels in love with it.  She grabbed it and brought it home, immediately hanging it up on her wall.  Isn’t it awesome?  I love that it looks like he has been eating a bowl of blueberries.  It is a quirky painting, and although my girl now rolls her eyes when I call her quirky, she really is in the greatest of ways.  She is her own person and I have always loved that about her.


It is always great to take an object for color inspiration in a room and build a room around it.  Whether it is a painting like the one above, a pillow, a bedspread or a rug– one object is enough to pull colors from and use them to decorate the rest of the room.  This painting gave us lots of options, and we took advantage of that!



This pillow on her bed is another great example of one object that you could pull from to decorate the rest of the room.  We used this RELAX pillow and her bull-dog painting to give the room a fun but relaxed personality.  That is my Colsie.  She is super colorful and fun, but also loves to have her chill time alone in her room.


We bought a new bed spread and added some texture with a super soft, fuzzy grey pillow.  Grey is a great way to give the eye a break from all of the bright colors of the room, and add some texture, as every room can use texture for interest.  Plants are a great way to add texture, weaved baskets or even frames with interest, like the one framing the mirror in the below picture.  The mirror was taken from another room in  the house, but was not the right color. It was boring brown and matched the brown of the dresser which was, well… boring! We painted it white, again bringing in a simple color to ground all of the other bright colors in the room.  It looks great against the pale grey walls.



I still cannot believe my middle girl is a teenager, but one look at her dresser gives me a reality check.  Makeup, hair straightener, perfumes and lip balms.  Lots of girly things corralled in cute trays and containers for organization.



In the above picture is Colsie’s beloved guitar, which I think looks like art.  I love it displayed in it’s stand, close to her bed, ready when she is to be picked up and played.  If she had less windows and more wall space, her guitar would also look great hanging on the wall.



Have you noticed this great bedside table?  It is from Sauder and is the first time I have ordered a piece of furniture from their company, but it certainly won’t be the last.  I was super happy with how quickly it arrived.  It was so easy to put together that Colsie did it by herself!  It is the perfect height, size and color for her room, and I love how it offsets the turquoise of her lamp and rug.  The lamp used to have a pastel polka-dot shade.  We updated the shade to match her rug and it made her room look more grown up in an instant!

Sauder offers a variety of designs and styles and believes that furniture should be affordable without sacrificing style, as you will see when you check out their website.  There is a ‘put//together look book‘ on their website, that shows how everyday people use their amazing furniture. Visit them and look closely as New Nostalgia is lucky to be one of their awesome features at the look book.  Make sure to check it out, especially if you would like to see other ways this fun table has been used.

Sauder furniture enables you to create, enhance or complete your personal style so your home is a unique reflection of you. . It certainly helped do just that here in Colsie’s room.  For more great ideas, visit Sauder’s Pinterest boards.



Colsie uses her Sauder accent table every night when lying in bed, whether to hold a drink of water or her iPod, and of course her bedside books.  The top book is her photography journal, where she dreams up photo shoots and jots her ideas down.


The art piece above her bed is one of my most favorite things in her room.  It has one of my favorite Proverbs on it. Proverbs 31:5 “She is clothes with strength and dignity, and can laugh without fear of the future. ” Yes, I claim this verse for our sweet Colsie and all the amazing things that her future holds.



Not pictured but across the room from her bed is a tall, white book shelf that provides extra storage for all of the stuff a teen girls needs.  The above little owl is sitting on it, as is the little yellow and grey suitcase in the first picture, which holds some art supplies, and the yellow bird bank where she keeps her extra change.


Remember that it is ok to use items in unconventional ways.  This little owl candle holder becomes a guitar pic holder when in my Colsie’s room.



It is ok to make the room yours and steer away from matchy-matchy. This dresser is an older mid-century modern piece.  It was given to Colsie by her Aunt Kathy.  It has 6 drawers and has been perfect for her room.  The top two drawers hold all of Colsie’s hair accessories and jewelry… all those girly teenage things that need a home! The last 4 drawers hold her clothes.  It looks great paired with our simple, modern accent table. Mixing it up brings personality to a room.


A simple string of lights above her mirror adds another element of fun that reflects Colsie’s bubbly personality, and gives the room great ambience at night.


I hope you enjoyed seeing my girls new room.  I just love seeing her spend time in there and I love that she helped make it her own.


What about you?

Where do you look for style inspiration? What is your best advice for readers in creating their own style?  Have you had to take a child’s room and update it to teen status?  How did it go?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.