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Makes Me Happy- Clementines!

Clementines make me very happy.  Even the name is happy!  There are many reasons why:

~they are pretty, such a beautiful bright, shiny orange.
~they are so easy to peel that even little child fingers can do it
~they are usually seedless
~they are the perfect snack size
~they have almost 100% of the vitamin C one needs in a day
~they taste good cold or at room temp
~they are perfect for bagged lunch
~they are a very healthy snack
~they take care of my sweet tooth
~they are fun to juggle with

Clementines are known as the “seedless tangerine.”  California clementines are available from mid-November until January; this availability is why they are referred to in some areas as “Christmas Oranges”

I think they would be perfect stocking stuffers!