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3 Ingredient Trader Joes Vegan Bruschetta Lentil Pasta Salad for a Crowd

Trader Joes Lentil Bruschetta Pasta Salad


Whenever I need a pasta salad that will feed a crowd but don’t have much time, I make this 3 Ingredient Trader Joe’s Bruschetta Lentil Pasta Salad — whoa that is a mouthful!

The name may be complicated to say, but the recipe could not be easier! It is as easy as boiling noodles.

I simply boil 2 packages of pasta and make sure I have Trader Joe’s pre-made lentils and a container of their bruschetta on hand.

Then it is just a matter of draining the pasta, adding in lentils and bruschetta, a quick stir and voila! You have easy, delicious pasta salad that feeds at least 32 people.

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