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Apricot Banana Oat Bites – Only 5 Ingredients, No Sugar

Apricot banana oat bites

 If you are not an oat lover or banana lover, then I wonder if my blog frustrates you…because boy do I make a lot of things with oats and bananas.  They are two of my favorite foods & I eat them both daily. Thanks for sticking with me, those who do not care for oats and bananas!

I’ve posted a version of this recipe before, but I had to share THIS version of them.  Adding one special ingredient took these cookies to a whole different level.  Guess what that was?  DRIED APRICOTS.

These cookies are sweet despite having no sugar in them, but they are made super special with the sweet addition of apricots.  My girls loved that I let them have cookies for breakfast.  Yes, these cookies are that healthy!


I love these little cookie bites.


~I always have the ingredients on hand

~They are easy!

~They are healthy—bananas and oats!!

~They have no added sugar

~They are not overly sweet

~They fill little tummies

~The are great for snacks, breakfast and packed in lunches

~They make our home smell like I’ve been baking banana bread all day

~The oil I use is coconut oil, which I believe is very beneficial to our bodies.

~My kids beg me for them

Ingredients for apricot banana oat bites
Apricot banana oat bites mixture


Apricot Banana Oat Bites

(inspired by Banana Cookies @ MissionBFit)

3 ripe bananas

2 cups rolled oats 

1/3 cup oil  (I use 1/4 c. coconut oil plus water to make 1/3 c.)

1 cup dried apricots, cut into bite sized pieces

1 tsp vanilla



The Directions:


~Mash bananas


~Stir in oil & vanilla


~Add oats & apricots. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes, this softens the oats.


~Drop by teaspoon on to ungreased cookie sheet.  


~Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes.  Do not over bake.  They will be like a soft granola bite.  

~Store in a covered container.




I left them out on the counter overnight on accident but ended up loving that they hardened up a bit and were perfect sprinkled on my oatmeal, sort of like crumbly granola topping.  

Apricot banana oat bites




Fruit Pie With Apricot-Nut Crust

I’ve been eating a plant based diet for about 3 months now and I’M LOVING IT!  My taste buds have changed and I no longer crave animal products.  Eggs used to be my favorite food, now I don’t miss them at all.  I have had my blood work checked monthly and all of my nutrient levels, including iron, are exactly where they need to be.  
I realize this type of lifestyle eating is not for everyone, but I do know that everyone can benefit from eating more fruits and vegetables!  The recipes that I will be posting here at New Nostalgia will be mostly plant-based, as I post what I make and I am in a huge discovery phase when it comes to healthy plant recipes.  
While I have not been craving animal products or salt, I do have an occasional craving for sweet.  Because of this, I have been on a hunt for healthy recipes that will satisfy my sweet-tooth, and will please my family and pass for “dessert.”
It tastes like a treat but it is healthy enough to let my kids eat it as part of their breakfast!  It is super simple to make and contains no processed oils or sugar.  It is just fruit and nuts, baby!  Love it.
Fruit Pie With Apricot-Nut Crust {vegan, gluten-free, raw}
Ingredients for Crust:

1 cup dried apricots (the original recipe used dates)
1/3 cup walnuts
1/3 cup cashews
1/3 cup almonds
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1-2 Tbls water (do  not need if using dates)
Ingredients for Filling:

2-3 bananas, sliced lengthwise
4 ounces strawberries, sliced
4 ounces strawberries, blended into a puree
4 ounces raspberries
1 can mandarin oranges, drained
Blend the crust ingredients together in a food processor to acheive a sticky consistency.  Press the blended crust ingredients into a pie pan. ( I coated my fingers with coconut oil).  Lay the bananas on top of the crust and press along the sides.  Place the strawberry slices on top of the bananas.  Pour the strawberry puree over the strawberries and bananas, and press into the gaps.  Place the raspberries and mandarin oranges on top of the pie.  
Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour or longer before serving.