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Wait – Five Minute Friday

ISAIAH -41-30

I’m happy to be linking up to Five Minute Friday.

Five minutes to write on the word: Welcome.

Write–don’t edit–just 5 minutes to be in the moment–


But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.
    They spread their wings and soar like eagles,
They run and don’t get tired,
    they walk and don’t lag behind.

Isaiah 40:31



The month of January, this year of 2015, is a month and year where I have placed & prioritized stillness, quiet, meditation & waiting, into my day.

I realized I am responsible for my own spirit, and that we are to take inventory of how our spirits are doing, for what flows out of our spirit is what flows– into our day, into life.

The time I found to wait & meditate had to be early morning, for it is the only time my home is still enough for me to still.

I have found that waiting in the early dawn when the day is just beginning, is just the beginning.

I’ve learned, as the verse says above, that waiting is often movement…a doing.

I still to trust, I trust then act.

I still to find strength, to run and not grow weary.

I wait so that I may walk and not get stuck or lag behind.

I have yet to feel a consistency of soaring with eagles, as these moments are still too few and far between, yet my spirit longs for this Heaven on earth, this promised Kingdom come.

I hold on to this promise, this hope of His Kingdom come, and rest.

His precious will be done.


5 Minute Fridays/ Spiritual

Because He Says So

Sun Rays 2

Participating in 5 Minute Friday.

5 minutes to write about one word. Unedited.




Because He says so, I will.

He says to shine bright, but in the night, my faith dims.


Morning comes, along with light.

“*Hope sweet hope, like a star burning bright.”

I check my inbox, words from a friend point frantically.

I look where she is **pointing– it is to the Light.


“Let there be light.”


I drive out-of-town, a day away, the sun so bright with rays splayed.

His Light and smile shine down for the hour drive.

It is brilliant because He is.


Sun Ray


“Let there be light.”


I sit and ponder, a message comes–words from a friend of affirmation.

They know how fast and hard the darkness can come.  They have lived it.

They see me shining.


It is not me they see, it’s Him,

This is the because:

His brilliance shines despite weakness.


Because He spoke, I can and will.

“Let there be light.”



**Video sent to my inbox.  “Let There Be Light”

*a lyric from Remedy Drive — “Hope”



5 Minute Fridays/ Spiritual

The Whispers I Hear

A Whispered Mantra. You are loved.

 {Necklace With Whispered Mantra}

Participating in  5 Minute Fridays. 5 minutes to write about one word. Unedited.

This weeks word: Whisper


He whispers to me today; I lean in to listen.

I have been with you, Amy.

I am currently with you, I have gone before you, and I will be with you in this next season.  I will never leave you or forsake you.

I see you feel weak, this is prime time for me to make you strong.  You feel weak, but did you know that in me you can move mountains?  I am doing more inner work in you.  Just you wait! You will see and rejoice in me.

I have called you out of darkness into marvelous light. Shine! Remember the moment we had long ago when I gave you this word? It was a branding of sorts. Keep shining.

You are not your own. You have been bought with a price. You are mine. You belong. I see you. I get you. I know you, I call you child. You are a NEW creation.  The old has passed.  Look, Amy!  The new has come.  You. Have. Been. Made. New. Remember the hashtag?  Live in this reality.  #LivingNew

Stay close to me.  Abide.  I am safe. My grace and kindness toward you is immeasurable. My love will never run out. I am your hiding place; I will preserve you from trouble; I will surround you with words of truth and deliverance.
Do you hear, my child?  These are My whispered words to you. Listen up. Snuggle in. I’ve got you.  I’ve got it all.

 I respond. “You are a hiding place for me you preserve me from trouble.” (‭Psalm‬ ‭32‬:‭7‬ ESV)



5 Minute Fridays/ Spiritual

Finish Strong


Participating in Lisa-Jo’s 5 Minute Fridays. 5 minutes to write about one word. Unedited.

Word: Finish



It. Is. Finished.

His Words uttered on that cross, remind me that I am not–


Today I felt very cross, and frankly was quite finished with myself.

Over it.  Over my inability to deal rightly with what comes my way.

Life overwhelming. Lies telling me that the strong finish I long for is out of reach.


The enemy whispers lies, and even shouts them loud from mouths of loved ones.

They aren’t really saying what I hear so loud. Again– the enemies’ work.

If only I could remember those final words;

“It. Is. Finished.”

How He finished it for me so I am not.

If only I could remember I am on the winning team.

Why do I pay attention to the loser that whispers “Loser”

He wants me to believe that I am. What a Loser.

Here is the truth of the matter

Hear the truth of the matter

It. Is. Finished.

No matter what my emotions, others, or the enemy tells me

I can finish strong because He’s already done the work and won.

Where does that leave me?






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Oh She Glows



Participating in Lisa-Jo’s 5 Minute Fridays. 5 minutes to write about one word. Unedited.



Her face had lost its usual bloom.  My words had cut.

Radiance, luster, sheen, glow.  This is her default face.

How easy it is to spew words in frustration and irritation.  Teenage years can bring out the worst in us Mama’s.

Oh to remember the true Gardener & how He cares.  Patient, gentle, always tending.  Aware.

She is resilient & responds well to apologies.  Her forgiveness quick, light returns.

Her essence goes out to all around, eyes slant and twinkle like her Daddy’s

She complains that they disappear when she smiles.

It is my favorite.


If only she could see how she glows, how light shines bright, even through cracks.

Her beauty mesmerizes me at times; cheeks pink, lashes long, that beautiful smile.

Her inner beauty blooming, taking shape, opening to all she was created to be.

This creation, I created with the help of the Creator.

I think of her and I too, glow.


5 Minute Fridays/ FAMILY/ Marriage

Lost In Love


{participating in 5 Minute Friday-write for 5 minutes, with a prompt.  Unscripted. Unedited. Real.}


The minute I heard that the 5 Minute Friday words prompt was LOST,  this old school song popped in my head.  I remember singing it as a teen, wondering if I would ever be lost in love.  By golly…I am.


{Song Lyrics}

I never needed love like I need you

And I never lived for nobody but I live for you
ooh babe lost in love is what I feel when I’m with you

Maybe it’s the way you touch me
with the warmth of the sun

maybe it’s the way you smile and I come all undone
ooh babe lost in love is what I feel when I’m with you

{My Words, spurred on by the lyrics}

I once was lost, but now I’m found. God found me, then he gave me you.
My need for Him is evident, as is my need for you, for two become one.

I live for Him, He shows me how to live for you–flesh of my flesh.
I am lost in love when I’m with you.
Your kind eyes, they meet mine. Your eyebrows up in question, wanting to know my need.
If not, they squint when you smile, forming wrinkles in the corners–my favorite.

I kiss these lines, so familiar. I love how you smile with your eyes.

Your touch, always gentle, just like you. Your hands on my arm, my hand, my leg.
Holding, creating warmth, a touch that acknowledges and speaks without words.

Even when I push away, these days of meds that are just too hot,  your eyes still look at me with warmth.This is when I’m undone, when you love despite what comes in between, despite my shortcomings, despite battle wounds. When I’m most love lost and you still come forward, these are the moments I’m lost in love.

{Song Lyrics}

Baby ooh I get chills when I’m with you
oh baby my world stands still when I’m with you
when I’m with you

I never cared for nobody
like I care for you
and I never wanted to share the things I wanna share with you
ooh babe lost in love is what I feel when I’m with you

Baby ooh I get chills when I’m with you
oh baby my world stands still when I’m with you
when I’m with you

{My words, spurred on by the lyrics}

I think of all the life we have lived, the moments between us that only we know, & I get chills.

You have made my world stand still in the most stable way. You have chosen me, day after day.

You are mine, there is no one else for me. You get me, even when I don’t get me. You know more than any other. You have and will listen to my sharing; a listening ear, none can compare.

Yes– I know love. I am lost but never will lose.  When this world stands still long enough for us to look and see, we glimpse not two but One. I once was lost, but now I’m found.