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Surviving Summer

Colsie-2015{My Middle Girl-Colsie}

My 3 girls are now 15, 14 & 12, and boy does life feel suddenly different.  Well, really not so sudden, but definitely the past year since my oldest started high school.  I noticed it during the school year, but we still had structure to our days which made the change a bit easier.

This summer though?  I feel like we are just sort of surviving.  At least I’M feeling that way.  I think my girls are having a good summer.  I’ve struggled though.  Mostly because of health issues I’ve been having, but also because I find myself thinking back to the days of 3 little lovelies who were quite easy to entertain and loved going to the library, the park, the zoo, & swimming every chance they could get.  I remember our summers being clear and each day a chance to explore or do a craft or have a lemonade stand with their neighbor friends, or swim all day.

Now that they are teenagers and pre-teens, life is so different!  I know you Mom’s of teens know what I mean.  Gone are the days of cheap fun at the zoo or park.  Now their activities involve rides. Drop off’s and pick up’s.  And money! Teenagers are expensive!  I have found it has been quite an adjustment, one that I’m trying to embrace.

Teagan-Driving{My Teagan, Driving!}

My oldest started the summer off with driver’s education.  She had to be there for 3 hours a morning, 5 days a week for 2 weeks, then one more week of driving with an instructor.  She now has tennis every afternoon for an hour 1/2, 5 days a week.  She is also a cross-country runner and needs rides to the trail for practice several times a week.  These are just her activities and does not include her church life and social life.  She’s a busy girl and I’m a pretty proud Mom.

Todd-Avery-Soccer{My sweet husband and my soccer player, Avery}

My middle girl and youngest also have their own set of activities.  Violin lessons, tutoring, soccer, & swimming.

I’ve struggled this summer with juggling all of the things they are involved in and want to do, and trying not to neglect one while running another around.

If you add all of the doctor’s appointments and tests that I have had lately, and a kitchen remodel going on right now (our office is a makeshift kitchen) life can feel pretty unsettled and busy!

I know I am not alone in this feeling and that our schedule is pretty typical of most family’s.  I also know that I am very blessed to be at home and be the one to run my girls around.

Speaking of being blessed, this is my solution to surviving this busy summer.  To count my blessings.


It is amazing that we are actually, finally, getting our kitchen upgraded!  New countertops, cabinets, sink, faucet, refrigerator and flooring!  My brother-in-law is doing it for us and he is an awesome presence to have around.

It is amazing that my girls are all healthy and doing well this summer.  Emotional and physical health is a huge blessing.

It is amazing that I have access to all of the doctors and tests that I do, and that we have insurance, and that so far my tests results have been negative and normal.

It is amazing that my husband works so hard and allows me to be at home to take care of our girls and my health.


“Contentment doesn’t mean you are happy in the hard times.  It means you are satisfied with life because you know that God has things in control. “

Oh, give thanks to the Lord for He is good, and His steadfast love endures forever. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13


How is your summer?  Are you a parent of teens? Can you relate to all of the rides it requires?

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  • Amy T.
    August 19, 2015 at 7:58 pm

    I spent two weekends with my friend’s 12 yr old and was feeling really left out of her life at the end. She now shares more of her little personhood with friends and not as much with parents and myself who used to be her adult person confidante. She flipped from making me confidante to “one of those adult monsters” and it was challenging just keeping up with the changes in personality. I luckily didn’t have to shuttle her too many places and not to friends but we took her on activities that we came up with and tried to meet her on her ground. It was not always successful and she was often bored or seemingly uninterested and wanted to often check her phone and looked forward to the next time with friends.
    I think you are doing an awesome job with your girls and they all seem to be doing great. I hope you are surviving this transition! It makes me glad sometimes that I don’t have kids b/c this period of transition is so hard! Good luck!!

    • AmyNewNostalgia
      August 20, 2015 at 2:03 pm

      It IS hard! I’m trying to find the best in every stage my girls are in and just celebrate them and have fun with them, but it has been a big change for sure! Amy–been meaning to tell you how much I appreciated your email on anxiety. You get it. You totally get it. I appreciate you sharing so much with me and for your encouragement. xo

  • Liz Cooper
    July 17, 2015 at 9:52 am

    I loved reading this, Amy. While I did not know your girls as “little ones” as such. But in the 4 years plus, I have seen them grow and blossom. They are darling !! Loved the pic of Tegan and Todd. I remember the days when I was doing the same thing you are now. VERY good comment you made —
    “Contentment doesn’t mean you are happy in the hard times. It means you are satisfied with life because you know that God has things in control.” That is surely what we all have to remember. Keep the interesting and good posts coming. LIZ

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