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Supplementing Bible Study With Great Books – Purposeful Living

Supplementing Bible Reading with Great Books

These posts written by Todd (Amy’s husband) are designed to model a system of purposeful living.  At least once a month, he spends time setting meaningful goals around one of seventeen core priorities.

If you missed it, consider reading the foundation post – Purposeful Living #1.


Correct Priority
Priority #1 – Spiritual HealthGoal Setting & Reflection Date
November 2012

I need to always be reading one life giving book focused on growing in my relationship with God.  Specifically, I need to develop a process for identifying great books to read.  

Goal Status

Thoughts – UPDATED
I spent a couple weeks after setting this goal looking through my library of books at home, doing some internet searches, and getting book suggestions from others.  

Nothing peaked my interest until I came across a book I read years ago in college – The Pursuit Of Godby A.W. Tozer.  Apart from the Bible this is the most influential book I have ever read.  


I was excited because he has written many books of the exact type I am looking for.  I want to grow in my relationship with God.  There are few people write about this topic more passionately and profoundly than Tozer.

After browsing through all of his books I selected Man: The Dwelling Place of God by A. W. Tozer as the next book I will read to supplement my Bible reading.  As an added bonus the Kindle version of this book was only $.99 on Amazon


The first paragraph of the Introduction to this book is fantastic and I want to share it with you below.

The supreme interest in the life of A. W. Tozer was God:  He who spoke and brought the world into being, Who justly rules over men and nations, yet deigns to make man His dwelling place.  He believed that all that really matters is for man to be in right relationship with God, that his first duty-and privilege-is “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”  For this reason he delighted to speak to men of God’s majesty and wonder and grace and he ever sought to instruct and exhort Christians to let this be the purpose of their lives.  He grieved that they should be content with less.

Thoughts – ORIGINAL
I’ve been reading through the entire Bible over the last couple of years which has been a great use of my time.  But I also want to supplement that reading with literature focused on nurturing my personal relationship with Him.  

Foundation Post
Build Your To-Do List Around Correct Priorities – Purposeful Living #1

Outline Of All Purposeful Living Posts
Purposeful Living Outline


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  • Anonymous
    December 31, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    I know many people read the bible but I want to share how important it is to study the bible. Gods word says to study, not just read. This takes more effort and time but oh the rewards you will receive when you study His word.If you want to draw closer to God, study His word and cultivate a prayer life. I know many people who only read 15min a day. To me this just won’t cut it since I am bombarded with the world. We must make more time for Him.

  • Shannon
    December 31, 2012 at 2:10 am

    This is awesome! Besides reading my Bible, I choose to only read good, pure, wholesome books that focus on the Lord. It’s a blessing, and keeps our hearts and minds focused on what’s most important–the Lord! Happy New Year!

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