Simple & Frugal Holiday Card Tip

**This is a guest post from Robyn at Minimalist Knitter.  

Rather than let some other company make our cards for us, I took this HILARIOUS photo. I grabbed of Owen recently (he looks so frustrated at the reindeer hat I couldn’t resist!), and using Picnik (free site!) created our card ourselves. Uploaded to Walgreens and had them print as a photo, and then sent in regular envelopes.

Simple, perfect for our family this year.

NEXT YEAR: use the postcard option at It costs under $1.00 per postcard, and ends up being about what we spent anyhow between printing out photos, buying envelopes and the return address labels. Write a note on the back of each one (feels more personal that way), use a holiday stamp, and send!

Bonus to this? I can order exactly how many I need and I won’t have any random supplies laying around. Plus, who doesn’t love a postcard?!


A little about Robyn:
“Many folks believe minimalism and knitting to be on opposite sides of one another, that the two cannot co-exist. Through my writing on my blog, my free e-book, and continuing to strive towards a life of simplicity, I hope to prove these folks wrong!”
Something I lOVE about Robyn:
“I decided to use my knitting to live a remarkable life by knitting One Hundred Hats for charity over the course of one year!  Thanks to the support of amazing friends and family I completed my goal … and promptly set another challenge! This time the challenge is much larger, spanning the course of my life – I am knitting and crocheting TEN THOUSAND items for charity in my lifetime!”
Her contact information:
I love hearing from you all! The best way to contact me is by e-mail –

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  • Erin C. Young
    December 23, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    how did you do that in picnic? i have tried to do something similar with the band and can’t figure it out….any tips would be awesome!!
    erincyoung (at) yahoo (dot) com

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