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Real Food Challenge

There is a Real Food movement going on and I’m happy to be moving with it.  My movement has been gradual, but I can’t tell you how great it has been to feel like the foods I have chosen to feed my family have been doing wonders for their health.

We have always been a family who were known for being sick…ALL THE TIME!  It felt like we lived at the dr.’s office (every two-three weeks at least, for years- no joke!)  Since deciding to eat Real Foods, that is no longer the case.  We have not been to the doctor since LAST MAY!!  We have had a cold here and stomach flu there, but usually only one of us gets it now(instead of the usual domino effect of illness that would happen when one would get sick–we’d all get it!) and it is over quickly.  I was the mom that got letters from the principal every year for each girl, telling me they had missed too much school.  Now the only school they have missed is when mommy falls for brilliant acting on my girls part:) That has happened twice recently, but momma’s not gonna fall for it again!  If they perk up after keeping them home a few hours, off to school they are gonna go!

A few months ago, I visited my pediatrician for a referral to an allergist to get my daughter checked for a suspected corn allergy.(never went to the allergist, symptoms disappeared when we stopped eating processed foods regularly)  When she saw us, she couldn’t believe how long it had been since we had been in, and was really surprised my daughter was off all inhalers for her asthma.  I loved it.  I feel like God has been so faithful in guiding me to some answers to my family’s health issues.

All that to say, I truly believe our eating habits are the reason why we are healthier.  I believe our immune systems are working as they should be, and our bodies are getting what they need through our foods.  We are by no means doing everything we could be doing, and I am at peace with that.  We are doing enough to make a difference in our health, so pressure is off to follow the movement perfectly.  I’ll be interested to see where this challenge takes us, and if there will be a point I draw a line and say, “nope  not ready for that.”

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