Recipes I Want To Make This Week

{Chicken Gyros @ Annie’s Eats}
 The picture looks great, but to hear her talk about how much she loves the recipe sold me.
{Baked Hasselback Potatoes @ Chico’s Kitchen}
Just because plain ol’ baked potatoes get boring.
{Lasagna Cupcakes @ Framed Cooks}
These are so cute!  I would love to have a bunch stuck in my freezer to pull out for lunch or a quick snack.  Wonton wrappers in place of noodles = brilliant!
{Chocolate Fig Freezer Fudge @ The Chocolate Fig}
I don’t like figs, but her explanation of these made my mouth water so I’m gonna try it!
{Lemon Chicken Breasts @ The Sequined Lobster}
I started making this last week, but when I went to open my bottle of white wine, the spout broke and glass dropped into the wine.  Note to self…do not ever buy cheap wine bottle opener!  We had Toad In A Hole for dinner that night instead..:)  I will try again this week.
{Lentil Soup @ Mission B Fit}
This recipe is very similar to my French Lentil Soup.  Mine uses carrots, celery and balsamic vinegar.
I like the simplicity of hers, can’t wait to try it.  
{Banana Cookies @ Mission B Fit}
These are easy and nutritious, I think my kids will devour them!

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  • Handy Man, Crafty Woman
    April 12, 2011 at 3:09 am

    ohhh these look so good!

  • Anonymous
    April 11, 2011 at 2:54 am

    Hey Amy! I’ve made the cookies with a very similar recipe to the banana cookies on your list, if they are anything like the one’s I made they are a serious winner. Easy, filling, healthy snack.

    And I’m totally trying the no bake granola bars tomorrow.


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