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Planning a 2013 Cruise – Purposeful Living Series

Planning a cruise

Planning A 2013 Cruise – Purposeful Living

These posts written by Todd (Amy’s husband) are designed to model a system of purposeful living.  At least once a month, he spends time setting meaningful goals around one of seventeen core priorities.

If you missed it, consider reading the foundation post – Purposeful Living #1.

Todd and Amy Bowman

Correct Priority
Priority #4 – Social Health – Immediate Family-Spouse

Goal Setting & Reflection Date
November 2012

Plan a 2013 cruise vacation for Amy & myself. 

Goal Status

Thoughts – UPDATED
After setting this goal I spent a few hours educating myself about cruises.  I identified four specific 5-Day Western Caribbean dates that are vacation possibilities for Amy & I in 2013.  If we are frugal the two of us could go on any of these cruises for about $1000.  This total would include travel costs associated with getting to the boat and returning home.  It would also include activities and purchases on the boat.  I think that is a pretty good deal.  

Website –
Port – Galveston, Texas or New Orleans, Louisiana   
Itinerary – 5 Night Western Caribbean Cruise
Dates – Secret 😉

I like the Texas and Louisiana ports because we could drive to either of these locations in one day.  Being able to drive and avoid lodging would save a lot of money.  

I would prefer not to do a Western Caribbean cruise, but these are the least expensive cruises and make the most sense.  

As of today we cannot afford this vacation.  Our first vacation priority in 2013 is to pay off Disney debt.  But if our financial situation changes and we can save enough pennies I know exactly where we want to go and am ready to pull the trigger.   

cruise ship

Thoughts – ORIGINAL
I had the most amazing time on our family trip to Disney this year.  So much so, that I am ready to begin planning another vacation.  A big family vacation is out of the question as I will be paying off Disney for at least another year.  But a cruise for Amy & I may be doable.  Amy has been talking about wanting to do another cruise since our honeymoon and it would be a ton of fun.  And I am hoping it can also be affordable.  A very preliminary look at cruise prices suggests to me that we could do a 5-day cruise for a reasonable price.  We still may not be able to afford it, but it is worth looking into.  

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  • Cuevas77
    January 14, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    Don’t forget Mobile, AL has a port for Varnival although it is not as popular but very easy to navigate due to low traffic! I think you can also do “lay-a-way” on the cruises and pay as you can.

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