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PET Scans, Cancer, & Looking At The Insides

Woman in PET scan
I just learned that my dear friend Karen’s PET scan came back clear.  Oh how I am rejoicing!  Karen blogs over at I Choose Hope and if you don’t know her story, you are missing out.

  Karen and I met through this blog while we were both in treatment for cancer.  She is a California girl, and came all the way to Nebraska to meet me.  Since then our hearts have been bonded, never to let go.  I have visited her in Cali and she has been here twice.  I have fallen hard for her family and she has done the same with mine.  

Girls receiving gifts, lotion and smoothies
{Karen visiting, loving on my girls, and bringing gifts}

Hearing that Karen is NED (no evidence of disease) is some of the best news I have ever received.  You see, I worry about her.  She had triple negative breast cancer, which is a type of breast cancer that is aggressive and there is not as many treatment options for.  Not only that, but it has shown her just how aggressive it can be.  We finished treatment about the same time, but, my dear friend ended up having to get double treatment.  After reading a post here at New Nostalgia about survivors checking lymph nodes, she reached under her arm and found an almond shaped lump.  Her cancer was back already.  She went on a little get away with her husband to process this awful news, and ended up getting in a car accident there.  She had to learn how to walk again before starting another tough regimen of cancer treatment.  She is the strongest woman I know, both inside and out.

Women in a photo booth
{Silliness at a retreat we both attended in the spring}
Black and white photo of two women at a retreat
{She supported me through my first speaking engagement.  Her calm presence melted my nerves}
Shadow of a woman

 Waiting this last week, holding my breath with her as she prepared to know what was on the inside, reminded me of this post I wrote early in my battle with cancer.  I thought I would share it with you again.

So many body images taken
Vulnerable insides exposed
Cat scan
Bone scan
Pet scan
Images show so many shades of grey,
Sliced shapes of organs..
Tell me they are ok?
Images of this body of mine
Fragile with disease yet so strong
My brain works, fingers move
Digestion. Menstruation.
Walking. Talking. Fine.
But not.
Images show a cluster of cells that don’t belong
Cells that have the ability to meander
To go with the flow and end up where they may.  
They multiply and make friends,
Their celebrating clusters destroy my tissues.
So we take images..
We peer into the insides
Looking for the “don’t belong’s”
I lay on display, cold and in dismay,
Enveloped in large, rotating tubes
Small tubes inject a solution 
So we can find a solution
Tubes rotate
I lay and pray
For what my 3 girls will learn
At the end of this day.
The same 3 girls
Look at their own body image
So many times I’ve whispered,
my lovelies, its what’s on the inside that matters
This is one moment when I wish that were not true.

I peer deeper,
I see Him in whose Image I am made.
I find the solution.

Thank you Lord, for keeping my friend safe and NED.  Thank you for being close and with us, in control, always bringing hope no matter what our insides are feeling or showing.  Thank you for ALWAYS being the solution.  Amen.

Karen in a red scarf
Get to know my friend Karen

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  • Robyn@SimplyMe1970
    August 2, 2013 at 12:30 am

    What a beautiful post.. And SO thankful your friend is NED…Its not surprising that you’re like kindred spirits. I read and followed you through your cancer journey and you are amazingly strong also as well as an inspiration to so many.. God bless you both.

  • Marilee McCarthy
    August 1, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    That’s beautiful news! I love hearing about people surviving breast cancer. 🙂 my mom’s breast cancer story didn’t have such a happy ending . so I’m always happy to hear of good news when it comes to this subject. Its a hard battle. Always stay strong and full of love! <3

  • Helen Dooley
    August 1, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    I am so happy for you and your friend! Clean PEt scan is amazing! Hugs~

  • Karen Penfold
    July 31, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    Oh my friend! I am so touched and honored you would write about me and share me (about us!) with your dear readers. You mean soooo much to me!!!

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