Counting Gifts/ FAMILY

Our Captured Life–Gifts of Love & Valentine’s Day

Fun red shoes for my Go Big Red Husker date

Sitting by my man & entering his world at a Nebraska basketball game

My Dad & husband attending the game together the week before. 2 of the best men in my life.

A candy store date with my Lil’ One.

A coffee alternative that I have fallen for

Having fun with paid posts, how they help pay the bills

Grandparents who spoil my girl by bringing a very special birthday cake

My sweet Ari Valentine.  I love being her Aunt.  

Silly auto correct texts with my sister.

Digging out my false eyelashes & getting new earrings for a hot date with my birthday man

Ordering several desserts for just the two of us

Ending the date at a cozy coffee shop with each other and our laptops

Our shared love of sushi

Romantic restaurant lighting

Finding ‘throwback Thursdays’ pic on my daughters Instagram
Seeing them all grown up and enjoying each other (?) on a date at the bookstore while I grocery shop
Valentines breakfast table tradition

Her child-like delight in what she woke up to

Very berry smoothies to show I love them very berry much!
(frozen mixed berries, frozen banana, 4 medijool dates, water–blend)
My 4 Valentines, my heart bursting that I am here to celebrate love with them
A handmade valentine from my 10 year old.  
Dippin’ Dot-like snow on Valentines Day. God makes me smile by sending a sweet looking treat.
Perspective.  Oncology appointment on Valentine’s Day.  Thankful I am not in active treatment.

Getting shot, but not by Cupid on V-day.  Thankful for medicine & how it protects.
Brunch quiche at the farm of Krafty Kash.  Getting to see where she creates her amazing jewelry.
Writing this post at Toast.  Eating their amazing Salted Caramel cupcake.

A day to eat sweet treats & celebrate love.
Happy Valentine’s Day!  
Remember to celebrate the tidbits of life.
Remember to look for the good in the bad.
Remember God promises to work ALL things out for good, for He is Love.

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