Counting Gifts/ FAMILY

One Thousand Gifts #15

holy experience
One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

{369 through 383}
~that “He Takes Hold Of My Right Hand And Says; Do Not Fear, I Will Help You” Isaiah 4:18

~the sun rising

~shopping with my mom, trying on perfume, earrings, headbands & purses.  

~my mom.  she brings me a gift on HER birthday.

~my father-in-law. He gives me a gift the day after HIS birthday.

~breakfast with my grandma, aunt, sister and mom.  Lots of laughter.  Better than therapy.

~beautiful yellow, fresh flowers in a vase

~trading Tamoxifen stories with a friend.  Sarcastically calling it our “friend”

~while giving my daughter a haircut, she peeks at me through hair in her face and says “Oh Thank you, Mom, for cutting my hairs!!”

~a phone message from my dad, saying he just wanted to hear my voice.  Hearing his settles my heart, as only a father’s love can.

~feeling feminine

~freshly juiced vegetable juice

~Dr. Hinze.  His gentle care. His sense of humor.  

~cancer nutrition books from a “never met” friend

~a quiet week coming up, time for much needed reflection & meditation

~family forgiveness.

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