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New Nostalgia Purposeful Living Series

These posts written by Todd (Amy’s husband) are designed to model a system of purposeful living.  At least once a month, he spends time setting meaningful goals around one of seventeen core priorities.

If you missed it, consider reading the foundation post – Purposeful Living #1.

Correct Priority

Priority #5 – Children (Spiritual Health)

Goal – November 2012

Develop a detailed family spiritual plan to better ground my three girls in God’s word.  Specific elements of this plan include the items listed below.

  • Identify and purchase new Bibles for Teagan and Colsie now that they are teenagers.    

Goal Status

UPDATED Thoughts About Goal – July 2013
The week after Christmas I rounded up the entire family and we drove to Omaha to Parables Christian Bookstore.  It is a really nice store and they have a large selection of Bibles and books.

Kids' quest study Bible

My oldest daughters are now in Middle School and I thought it was time for them both to get new Bibles.  When they were little I purchased them neat children’s Bibles (NIRV Kids’ Quest Study Bible) which worked well for them through elementary school.  But taking a children’s Bible to church when you are a teen is not cool.

Both of them were given the freedom to choose their own Bible – with stipulations.  

The first stipulation is they had to choose a traditional paper Bible as opposed to an electronic version.  My problem with electronic texts is that many of them are platform specific.  I also like the idea of them having a keepsake, a Bible that can stay with them as they grow up.

The second stipulation is it had to be a true translation rather than a paraphrase.  We encouraged the NIV, but there are other translations which would have also been acceptable.

A third stipulation is it had to be a strong study Bible.  There are many options in this type of Bible so finding one wouldn’t be a problem.  I wanted a Bible that could be a true resource for them as they dig into the word.

The final stipulation is the Bible had to be hard cover or leather.  I want this to be a Bible that will last a while and not fall apart within a year like a paperback one would.

I also decided I will let them choose a new Bible again when they get into high school and once again after graduating high school.  As they move into new periods of their life I want them to have a Bible that reflects their personality and their study needs.   

It took a while, but both of my girls made great Bible selections.

NIV Student Bible Italian Duo-Tone Espresso/Turquoise flower


My oldest daughter selected the NIV Student Bible Italian Duo-Tone Espresso/Turquoise Flower.  There is a concise and clear summary before every book of the Bible.  There are also fantastic teen appropriate study notes on every page highlighting key people, topics, and ideas.  The cover is very artistic.  It is dark brown with an artistic flower stitched into the soft leather cover.  It fits her personality.

NIV Quest Study Bible For Teens

My middle daughter also made a fantastic, but different choice.  She chose the NIV Quest Study Bible For Teens.  It has a soft leather cover, is kiwi green, and has a blue and orange flower stitched into the cover.  It is very cute.  It fits her personality perfectly.  I like my oldest daughter’s Bible, but I love this one.  The Quest Bibles for every age group are fantastic.  The left/right margin of every page is set apart for study notes.  It is well formatted, easy to read, and the notes are appropriate for students.  This is a great Bible.

Overall, mom and dad are super happy with their choices.  I think they are happy too.    

ORIGINAL Thoughts About Goal – November 2012
I spent a great deal of time over the past year planning our family Florida vacation.  This planning paid off with an amazing trip.  It may have been the best two weeks of my life.  

But in the process of planning this vacation I neglected many other things, including being a good parent.  I have been convicted since returning from out trip that I need to dedicate more time and do a better job in a variety of areas that are far more important that vacation.  

One area in which I know I need to improve is being the spiritual leader of our home and doing what I can to better ground my girls in their faith.  Each time they step out of our home they enter a world where many despise the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They enter a world that is hostile to God’s word.  

When my children our older they will have to decide for themselves what they believe.  But there is zero chance I will stay silent while they are bombarded with messages contrary to what God wants for them every day of their life.  

My first responsibility is to model for them what it means to live a Godly life and be sensitive to His will.  My next responsibility is to make sure they know what is true and right.  I will not ignore either of these responsibilities.  


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