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My Top 5 Go-To Healthy Breakfasts

Healthy breakfasts
I’ve been asked lots of questions about what exactly it is that I eat, so I thought I would start with sharing my top 5 Go To Healthy Breakfasts.
High Nutrient graph

I have slowly been changing the way I eat over the last 3 years since my cancer diagnosis.  I have embraced what is called Nutritarianism and I have LOVED every minute of figuring out how to eat this way.  I love food and I do not feel deprived at all as a Nutritarian…it is the opposite.  I feel like I am experiencing a variety of foods and have developed a taste for wholesome, healthy food!

What is a Nutritarian?

nutritarian is a person who has a preference for foods that are high in micronutrients.
The term “nutritarian” was coined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. In his book, Eat to Live, he offers this health equation while describing the nutritarian approach to health:
Health = Nutrients/Calories (or H= N/C for short).
In other words: the more nutrients you consume per calorie, the healthier you will be.

Breakfast is a great way to get nutrients.  Many breakfast foods are naturally high in nutrients.  It is my favorite meal of the day.

My 5 Go To Healthy Breakfasts

Steelcut oatmeal

Oatmeal Freezer Pucks
These are a staple for me.  I always have them in my freezer, whether they are homemade by me or bought from Trader Joes.  I always add some frozen berries to the top of mine, then warm it a few more seconds in the microwave.  I also add cinnamon as it is surprisingly a very nutritious spice.  I eat this breakfast at least 3 times a week.  It keeps me full, regular & gives lots of energy.

Chia oat pudding

Chia Oats
Oh how we love our chia oats around here!  They really don’t need to sit overnight, but you will need at least 15 minutes for the oats to soften and the chia to swell and soak up the milk, which thickens the pudding.  We use them as a snack almost more often than breakfast.  We have them for breakfast at least once a week.  These are incredibly healthy for you, with loads of fiber, protein & omega’s.  To read more on the benefits of chia, and 13 more ways to eat it, click here.

Qia superfood cereal

This is my new go to breakfast and the one I have been eating most often lately.  Talk about easy…2 tablespoons of cereal, top with milk and let sit a few minutes.  Stir and eat.  It is amazing how sustaining those 2 tablespoons of cereal are.  I feel as full as if I ate a huge bowl of oatmeal.  It is a bit pricey, but lasts a long time and well worth the health benefits that you get from this.  They have a few flavors…the Cranberry Vanilla Qia is my new favorite flavor.

Big bowl breakfast

Rips Big Bowl
ALL 3 of my girls LOVE this breakfast.  It is multiple healthy cereals, oats & chia plus fruit, all in one bowl.  Click through to read more about this intriguing breakfast.  I think you are going to like it!

Berry pancake bites

Berry Pancake Bites
These are a weekend go to breakfast for us, and a great afternoon snack. It uses a whole grain pancake mix.  Make mix according to directions for pancakes, sprinkle top with berries, and bake.  Couldn’t be easier, and these are so good my girls have started eating them without syrup, which is a bonus.  Saves sugar calories and the grocery budget!

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  • upnorth
    May 20, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    Thanks Amy for your input on this! The “hub” has never eaten cereal for breakfast since we have been married(41 yrs), so I’m gonna try to feed him one of these a week for a month and see what he says! We tried the banana, spinach, almond milk, protein shake yesterday. Kept us full for about 3 hours!

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