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Morning Routine For a Work at Home Mom

I’m a huge fan of Amy’s daily routine posts, and because of that have wanted to share my own morning routine with you all. It’s just me and the kiddo right now, and I’m very lucky that she’s so helpful in the mornings and understands the importance of getting everything ready to go!

6:00: Both alarms go off: mine in my room, and kiddo’s in hers.
6:01: I use the toilet and then go to the kitchen to drink a full glass of water. I read about this in French Women Don’t Get Fat. Not sure if it’s kept me from gaining any weight, but it can’t hurt.
Rock balancing


6:05-6:35: While my fashion-conscious ninth-grader does her bathroom routine, I roll out my yoga mat and perform the Five Essential Asanas. Kiddo’s going to get a full round of gym and soccer practice today, but I need to find ways to squeeze in my own exercises. These asanas are specifically designed to stretch the entire body, which is something I appreciate more and more every year. I get one full-length yoga class on Saturdays, but this quick daily practice is enough to keep me flexible and centered between sessions.
6:35-6:45: My turn in the bathroom. I don’t take very long. I have a wash-and-go pixie cut and have long learned that at my age, I look better with very little makeup. I tend to rock a moisturizing wrinkle cream with sunscreen and Retin-A, and just a bit of colored, flavored lip gloss. Yes, I am a grown woman who still buys Bonne Bell. Some things never change.
6:45-7:00: Breakfast time! It’s nearly always cereal and fruit. We save complicated breakfasts like pancakes and eggs for the weekend. Kiddo is trying to get me hooked on eating yogurt with my cereal, which is something she picked up while on a choir trip to London last year. I don’t like eating that much food in the morning, so I tend to stick to my usual skim milk. Cereal also means very few dishes: we clear up our bowls and spoons and put them straight into the dishwasher.
7:00-7:05: Time for us to grab our bags and go. I recently invested in a new briefcase to carry my laptop, client material and electronic chargers (one each for the laptop, smartphone and Kindle). Having a professional-looking briefcase helps me take myself seriously even during a long day of insane client requests.
7:05-7:30: We have to be in the car to make it to kiddo’s 7:30 high school start time. I am going to be so glad when she is old enough to drive herself, but at the same time I’m already worried – I’ve seen the research about teens and sleep, and how changing melatonin levels mean she won’t be fully awake until 9:00 or so. Even right now she falls asleep in the car at least two or three times a week – but carefully, so she doesn’t mess up her hair! 
Cup of coffee

7:30-7:45: After dropping kiddo off at the high school, it’s time for me to hit the coffee shop. My favorite local joint has comfortable chairs, super-fast wifi and the best cappuccino in town. I open my laptop, check my email and get ready to face my clients. Yes, I’m a “work at home” mom, but that doesn’t mean I have to do all my work from my house! 

As much as I wish my daughter had a later HS start time, part of me is really glad that I get to start my day so early. Since I need to be ready to pick her up at 3:00, it’s good that I get a full seven hours of work before it’s time to start the evening rush. Between soccer, church choir, play practice and homework, we’re on the go until at least 9:00 p.m. – but I’ll have to save our evening routine for another post!
Christina Moore
Christina Moore is a freelance writer, and stay-at-home Mom in San Diego, CA. She is enjoys staying fit with weekly yoga sessions, running along the beach.
*consideration was received for the editing and publishing of this article

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  • Anonymous
    July 17, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    This is so disappointing. What? This wasn’t Amy. I wondered why she didn’t talk about lemon water and she calls her girls “lovelies” not “kiddos”. I am not trying to be negative, but what was this post for? Someone who brags about “rocking” her moisturizing cream? This is not what I’ve come to know and love on Amy’s site and is just not very “Amy” who is always sweet and humble.

    • Amy Bowman
      July 17, 2013 at 11:06 pm

      This is Amy and I am truly disappointed by this comment. I brought on Christina as a guest of this blog and would appreciate my guests to be treated well by this awesome community I always brag about. I loved Christiana’s post which is why I featured it, and I think she is an amazing Mother with a great morning routine.

      This post personally gave me a glimpse into a loving Mother who works from home, and I found it fascinating. I love getting a glimpse into other peoples lives and learning from them, and was truly impressed by her. Yes, I call my kids “lovelies” but I also call them “kiddos” at times. I also am “rocking” a short white skirt right now and some new eyeliner. :):) I am glad you think I am sweet and humble, but if you see anything good in me, it is He…not me.

      Christina, this comment was not sweet, so please ignore it. I loved having you as guest and am eager to have you again.

    • julie s
      July 19, 2013 at 3:52 pm

      I think I understand where anon is coming from…maybe not in the same way of wording it. It didn’t seem like a guest writer up until the end where it said who she was. The bit at the top was a little confusing. I thought you, Amy, were referring to another Amy who writes day posts. I assumed you meant that your husband and 2/3 girls were gone and you were left alone with one of your girls. As I was reading, I thought it was you and wondered about some of the stuff too. I guess all moms work at home whether they leave the house and get paid too. You might work on your blog and call it work (which I know it is :). It just wasn’t as clear. I love your blog and especially your posts on simplifying and recipes.